I have tried to avoid thinking about what 2019 was to me, and the changes that linger with a new year. I was so ready for 2019 to start, so many dreams and hopes and plans, and it quickly came crashing down, resulting in the hardest year of my life.

But, when I look at the last 10 years as a whole, I see the biggest moments of my life. Moments that have made me who I am. Graduating high school, meeting my husband, going to Belize, getting pregnant with Tate, getting engaged, having a baby, getting married, becoming the worship leader, leading youth, graduating college, moving into our first home, getting my first post college job, having Talyn, starting a business (and backing Jeremy in his), quitting my job to stay home, having Taitan, having the biggest heartbreak after losing Tauryn and Gramma within two weeks, watching our boy chase his dreams, vacations with family, watching my brother become a daddy, and all of the laughs, cries, joys, and tears in between.

I am so grateful for Jesus, the best parents, and siblings, and grandparents, and in laws, and friends that have been there through it all, and I love each of you so much.

I’m not sure what 2020 will bring. Pain? Joy? Probably both. But it’s life with those I love the most, and I am looking forward to it ?

Happy New Year ✨


xoxo – Em

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