To the dreamer… if you have dreams of something different. This is for you. If you are pursing this oily business. This is for you. If you are curious WHY we do this… take a peek!

As I am sitting here and thinking about this business and what it means to me… I think of you.

I think of each of you and the desires and passions the Lord has put on your heart. The things that make you giddy, that get you out of bed each morning, that bring you so much life. We all have unique passions, desires, and dreams… but sometimes life is dang hard y’all. I get it. I see you mama, wanting to stay home with your babies but you literally have no idea how to make ends meet if you do. I see you girl, drowning in debt and praying for something to change so that you can be freed from the chains holding you down. I see you dude, to all the husbands that desire to be more present for their family but having to work in a job that they can’t stand. I see you friend, wanting so so bad to adopt and bring a sweet baby home but unsure how to pay for this strong desire to be a mama. I. SEE. YOU. I think of you! I will never stop pursing this freedom because my passion is to serve you.

In a second, I’m going to ask you to tell me your dreams… your why! What are the dreams that God has put on your heart?

The Lord promises us hard days. He promises that the road will not always be easy. And we all know that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy!!! BUT not today y’all. Because we are a community surrounded by love, grace, peace, and HOPE. Fear is a liar and when we feel the enemy telling us bold face lies, we will replace it with truth. We will come back to this place and remember WHY we jumped into this in the first place. We will remember those God given dreams, talents, and passions. Obviously, it wouldn’t be fair of me to ask of your dreams and desires without sharing mine so here you go…

+ I want to be able to take my family to Disney World

+ I want to fully pay off student loans

+ I want to fully pay off my mortgage

+ I want to send my team on a beach retreat

+ I want to pay for my kids’ education at Crossings

+ I want to provide a scholarship for someone to attend Crossings that can’t fit it in their budget

+ I want to give Andrew the freedom to pursue whatever passions he has on his heart

+ I want to build a home on 10 acres as a space where our team can come together, be poured into, loved on, and continue to build this beautiful community

+ I want to take my family to see the world!

+ I want to be able to fund homes for Hope Is Alive Ministries

+ I want to donate a large sum of money to Wings

+ I want to serve and love people like crazy

+ I want to be able to fund any possible need if presented with the opportunity to do so

+ I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and give abundantly, because He has blessed us so much

+ I want to walk back up to that stranger on the side of the road, begging & pleading to get enough money to go see her new grandbaby and hand her a plane ticket to get there

+ I want to help thousands of families find wellness and remind them that they have options and that they are not alone in this wellness journey

Writing these down fires me up! We have been presented with an incredibly awesome opportunity to make these dreams a reality. And guess what…. This isn’t just for you. If anything, pursue this with relentless fire for the hundreds of people out there who are desperately needing an opportunity. There are tons and tons of people in your life that are drowning in debt, unsure how to make ends meet, wishing for an opportunity, praying for a way out… and we have something beautiful to offer them.

So shout it out my friends!!!! Tell me your dreams! Tell me your desires! I want to know!! Let’s connect on instagram at @madisonhenrylifestyle!

So much love to all of you!!

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