One of my favorite things to do is share testimonies so I will try to make thisĀ  a running list of some of my favorite ones!


The oils that saved me during my super high risk pregnancy!

  • Peppermint — I had morning sickness ALL day!! I work with homeless and foster youth that sometimes do not have a place to shower or wash clothing so you could imagine the smells I am exposed to. This made it even worse! Well I found that one drop of peppermint on my nose was all it took to take that nausea feeling out!
  • Lavender and Frankincense- Put my Anxiety at ease. I knew my pregnancy would be high risk, but I was not about to consider termination. A few months in the stress of it all became overwhelming, anxiety had taken over and I could not function! I could not even sleep. That is when my dad brought oils to my house! These two were a GAME changer!!
  • Oils for Varicose Veins – If you put cypress, lavender, lemon and lemon grass in a roller it is like magic!! I have tested this on MANY people!
  • CBD: Seriously, I can not say enough about our CBD oil! Everyone has a testimony about it. I love that it has 0% THC so that means you will never test positive on a drug test.
  • Ningxia Red- THIS stuff is LIFE!! It has all the nutrients and antioxidants you need to in a day in ONE shot! When I take it I have more energy, make more breast milk so my baby girl can exclusively breast feed and my blood disorder like doesn’t exists. Also, one of my aunts had major stomach issues and when she got out of the hospital she tried it for a few days and had no symptoms.. then stopped taking it for a few days and the issues came back then drank it for a few days and again she was good! Now she is just a believer and drinks it all the time!


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