Somewhere I read that if you don’t wash your makeup off at night it adds something like 7 years to your skin! It’s totally not true, right? Someone tell me this isn’t true!!!! Because if it is then I’m like 1,095 years old. But I’m definitely making up for lost time from my twenties.

I’ve never been the type of gal to really want to invest a lot of time and money into pampering myself. For some reason it’s always made me feel like a diva. But you guys I’ve CHANGED my ways. I’m now addicted. Facials, getting your hair done, waxing, all the girly things are 1000% worth it. And honestly even using oils on the daily for my skin to not get all the wrinkles and aging has become super rewarding for me. Mainly because I get to see the payoff really quick.

Whether or not you’re using oils straight out of the bottle, you’re most likely using them on your skin already because EOs are in everrrryyyyythinggg.  So, for me, it’s probably been the easiest things to add into my day.

I’m sort of a purist.  I went to college and studied fine art.  So I like things that are handmade and natural and real.  To me, these little bottles are like finely crafted art.

So here we go…Here are some things that I’ve been using on the daily that have made me feel all dewy and glowy…..

+Two drops of Lavender all over my face after I use moisturizer.
+Two drops of Frankincense all over my face and especially on scars and wrinkles after I moisturize.
+Purification, Lemon or Jade lemon on blemishes.
+ART serum all over
+Wolfberry Eye Cream
+ART intensive Moisturizer

I also just started getting facials and she has put me on a vitamin c serum and a SPF.  I’m going to update yall soon on how it’s going.

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