Do you remember those first few months your child was born? Wait, you probably don’t because you had zero hours of sleep! Haha. I do remember wanting to put them in a bubble and shield them away from all germs. If you sneezed, stay away from my kid. Cough. Go home. Haha. I’ve come a long way. Germs still freak me out (I teach biology, I can’t help it), but we’ve definitely worked on our health and supporting our immune system over the last several years!

It breaks my heart when my kids aren’t feeling well! We’ve been battling some digestive things with our oldest son. It started around the time we were getting him geared up for becoming a kindergartener, and when I have conversations with other mommas, I hear so many stories of “oh my kid had that issue, and my niece went through the same thing!” So, that’s a relief! 🙂

Tummigize is our go-to to calm the tummy. When I use this on our kids, they get quick relief. Like, I mean quick. Digize is another oil that works in a similar way, but to be honest, I’m not a fan of the smell! ? I actually love using Tummigize for myself! Add a drop of peppermint, and that dinner that isn’t sitting well with you is literally a thing of the past. Oh, but I wouldn’t do peppermint on littles–it would be a bit too strong for them. Tummigize is already diluted perfectly for little tummies!

Between Tummigize and Gentle Baby oil blend, we’ve been on our way toward recovery and getting things moving smoothly again. 😉

And while we’re chatting kids, here are a few staple oils that we love to have in the house at all times!

  • Lavender: for all the calmness!
  • KidScents Sleeplze: for bedtime
  • Gentle Baby: bring on the calm!
  • Stress Away: are you seeing a pattern in our household!?
  • KidScents Owie: how about one that’s not for calmness? For all the bumps and scrapes!

Happy Motherhood, y’all!

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