Hi mama,

You are in for a treat! Today I am going to be talking about oily mom hacks. I am a firm believer that natural remedies work and are always better than taking anything synthetic but, I do believe that there is a time and place for western medicine, so if you are not getting relief please go in and see a doctor.

Supplements: One thing I learned from both my Kaiser and natural doctors was how important what you are eating and intaking is for both the baby’s wellness and your postpartum recovery!

  • Ningxia Red: I could literally talk all day about this product but basically what stood out to me for my pregnancy is that it supports your blood (my blood spiraled up and down in my first pregnancy), gives you tons of nutrients and antioxidants, gives you energy and totally supported my morning sickness! It tastes amazing and it made me feel like I was having a cocktail when I mixed with club soda in a wine glass.
  • Super B: This is a supplement that every doctor I follow has mentioned that pregnant women should take. We know all the B vitamins are essential but super essential for our babies brain development is folate and normal doctors will prescribe or have you buy over the counter synthetic folate. Well Super B has natural Folate in it! #yesplease

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

  • Nausea: I recommend lavender, peppermint or ginger. Because Young Living had FDA approval for these oils you could either put a drop in your hands, cup them and take deep breaths in, or you can make a tea with them. I just add 1 drop in a mug of hot water with honey.
  • Digestion: Drinking Lemon supports or you can rub on digize on your belly
  • Sleep: Lavender + Cedarwood is known as the sweet dreams blend! You can diffuse it or rub it on!
  • Immunity: Thieves is my go to oil to rub on the bottom of my feet during pregnancy. (I tried not to ingest unless I really felt a cold coming on.)
  • Circulation & Leg Cramps: Leg cramps during pregnancy is “normal” but drinking extra water, calcium and rolling on cypress once a week has completely eliminated them for me!

Oils for The Delivery Room

  • Emotional Support: Valor all the way! This oil will ground your emotions and instill bravery!
  • Rest: Lavender is know to support with sleep. If you are someone that can not get some sleep with lights on around you or people coming in and out bring lavender! You will need your rest!
  • Stress: This is such a big moment it is natural to feel some anxious feelings. Stress Away is a blend that has frequencies to help your body melt away cortosol which is what your body releases when you are stressed. Frankincense¬† would be another great one!
  • Focus and Energy: Peppermint is great to give you focus and energy. Just rub on temples in hair area. (Normally I rub in between hair and eyes but you may sweat and you do not want it in your eyes when you are pushing) I also found that the citrus in Peace and Calming gave me positive energy!
  • Clary Sage: This oil totally sped up my labor! My nurses said they would be back in an hour and I probably would deliver in the morning but I was ready so this oil was massaged on my feel and inhaled it and within 15 mins they said wow maybe you will get to pushing in an hour!!! ( I tested this on two friends that swore it worked before me!)
  • ClaraDerm: YOU WANT THIS!!! Friends I sell YL and almost did not buy this because I thought all the bloggers were lying! Like how could a spray help that much?? I joked with my high risk OBGYN about this and she said she knew which YL spray it was and it worked! Then I called my midwife friend and she said the same thing. Order it when you enter the last trimester and a month before you spray your vagina 2 times per day. It helps with elasticity! I pushed out a big girl and did not tear and I healed within days!! BEST $60 ever!!! Just TREAT YOURSELF! (I’m a total budgeter but friends I tore with my first baby so bad the nurse felt bad for me and said she would add a few stitches. Healing was PAINFUL!)
  • Progessence Plus: This oil balances hormones. So basically a healthy women has a progesterone level of between 10-20 normally. That rises during your pregnancy and it jumps all the way to 900 when in labor and goes to zero within a day of delivering. You body takes it’s sweet time to get back to 10-20 and that causes so many emotions. (Not good!) This oil blend helps regulate you faster. I rubbed it on as soon as labor started!

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