October Newsletter


Fall is in full-swing and we are in heaven!! Give me all of the 70 degree days, sweaters, pumpkin cold brew and changing leaves!! We’ve got more fall-inspired fun coming your way…. and October means all of the Halloween fun! Speaking of Halloween fun….

What Halloween candy is never on time for the party?


Couldn’t help myself! Happy October!!


Kristen & The Modern House Team

October Promo

Harvest healthy habits and refresh your routines with October’s PV promo! Featuring Inner Defense, Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea, an exclusive mug made by women artisans in Vietnam who have faced economic hardships, and powerful essential oils, this month’s promotion has what you need to fall in love with wellness all over again.


400 PV tier
Retail value: $196.44
Young Living mug*
Empower financial well-being. In collaboration with the Young Living Foundation, each mug is handcrafted from natural, locally mined clay by women artisans in Vietnam. Your order helps these artisans break the cycle of poverty, find financial stability, and provide for loved ones.
Sip on something sweet and healthy. Infuse your tea or homemade apple cider with Vitality oils and savor the pure flavor in this beautiful blue and gray mug.
The Young Living mug is available only while supplies last. If the mug goes out of stock, we will reward 30 ER points instead.*
Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea, 15 ct.
Enjoy a hot cup of goodness. Treat yourself to our exquisite evening tea filled with organic ingredients and warm, familiar spice.
Brew a little sereni-tea. After a long, trying day, press pause to carve out some mindful tea time and quiet mental chatter.
Inner Defense, 30 ct.
Start a wellness routine. Fall is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, so support a healthy immune system all month long with a 30-day supply of Inner Defense.**
Rake in the health benefits. Up your daily dose to 3–5 softgels or combine the healthy immune-supporting power of Inner Defense with our probiotic powerhouse Life 9.**
AromaEase essential oil blend, 5 ml
Treat your tummy to some TLC. Had one too many pumpkin spice treats? Apply equal parts AromaEase and V-6 onto your stomach and rub it into your skin for a soothing aromatic experience.
Respect your limits. When you need a break from a demanding day, diffuse AromaEase while you take a few deep, deliberate breaths and shake out your neck and shoulders.
Bonus Essential Rewards: Ravintsara essential oil, 5 ml
Find your center. Cue your mind that it’s time to meditate with a Ravintsara diffuser blend that you use only during your practice. Try 2 drops each of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Copaiba.
Look after your skin. Add Ravintsara to your face wash or toner for an extra boost of skin-cleansing properties.
Free shipping
Get our wellness gifts for less. Reach our 100 PV tier and we’ll ship your qualifying order for free!
Stack the shipping savings. Earn all the fall favorites and wellness-boosters in this promo and get free shipping on your entire order.
300 PV tier
Retail value: $166.44
Spiced Turmeric Herbal Tea, 15 ct.
Inner Defense, 30 ct.
AromaEase essential oil blend, 5 ml
Bonus Essential Rewards: Ravintsara essential oil, 5 ml
Free shipping
250 PV tier
Retail value: $125.65
Inner Defense, 30 ct.
AromaEase essential oil blend, 5 ml
Bonus Essential Rewards: Ravintsara essential oil, 5 ml
Free shipping
190 PV tier
Retail value: $88.15
AromaEase essential oil blend, 5 ml
Bonus Essential Rewards: Ravintsara essential oil, 5 ml
Free shipping
100 PV tier
Free shipping

Halloween Diffuser Blends

Halloween = Candy! Am I right?! Throw these candy-inspired blends in your diffuser as you bust into your bag of candy for trick or treaters…. not that any of us are doing that…


3 drops Grapefruit
3 drops Lime
3 drops Bergamot

Tootsie Roll

3 drops Nutmeg
3 drops Stress Away
3 drops Copaiba

Candy Corn

3 drops Tangerine
5 drops Stress Away


4 drops Wintergreen
5 drops Orange

Save Your Pumpkins

Happy October!! So excited to see all of the pumpkins on display. Here’s a quick starter kit tip!!

Ready?! It’s so easy! Simply spray the inside of your pumpkin with your thieves cleaner!!

Haven’t ordered our favorite cleaner yet? No worries!! You can use your sample that came with your kit OR mix up some Thieves essential oil with some distilled water and a tiny pinch of salt in a glass spray bottle, and use that instead!

You’ll be amazed how much longer your pumpkins will last!!

DIY Mask Spray

I’m always looking for a way to freshen up my mask and I dunno… maybe mask the smell of my coffee breath…. just me?? This DIY spray is a one-two punch with a lovely smell and mood boosting aromas!

Fill spray bottle with 3-4 drops drops each of Stress Away & Valor. Then fill 1/3 of the way with witch hazel, and the rest with water! Spray on the masks before use for calming and confidence!

You can even repurpose your empty 15 ml oil bottles!! Remove the label & add one of these super cute spray tops and VOILA!


Pumpkin Face Mask

Okay now let’s talk about a different kind of face mask… the kind that came to mind first until 6 months ago… the LUXURIOUS kind!! Check out the fun, festive one from Lindsey Elmore:

Did you know that pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that increase cell turnover, leaving the skin brighter and smoother? Or that pumpkin has vitamins A and C that soften and smooth the skin and may boost collagen production? Pumpkin has a small chemical structure that penetrates deep into the skin, bringing all of the benefits with it. This makes pumpkin the perfect ingredient for a face mask

Worried about acne? Pumpkin seeds are a delicious source of zinc, which regulates hormone levels and controls oil on the skin. They also contain vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are necessary to maintain the skin barrier function and regulate oily output. That’s why this pumpkin mask is a must this fall.

Trust me on this DIY. You have never had such buttery soft and smooth skin. Are you going to try it? Here’s to fall, y’all!

4 tablespoons pumpkin purée
4 tablespoons raw honey
8 drops copaiba essential oil
4 drops orange essential oil

Whisk all ingredients together, and store in 4 oz. jar.

To use pumpkin mask, spread a small amount on face and neck. Allow to soak for 10 minutes before washing off.

Festive Diffuser Stickers

It’s hard to believe it’s already OCTOBER!! And you know what that means, trick or treating time is just around the corner!
Whether you’re headed out with your kiddos or improvising this year- check out this fun accessory from Flair & Festive on Etsy to add to your fun!

Grab these decals to add to your diffuser for a spooky or cute vibe, pop in this peppermint patty diffuser blend and bust open that giant bag of candy (you know, quality control ;))!

5 Drops of Stress Away
3 Drops of Peppermint

Stickers from Flair & Festive-

Bats: https://etsy.me/2G87mQA

Jack-o-lantern: https://etsy.me/32UvgIo

This smells like fall heaven! This is an October must have and would make for an awesome hostess gift, too!

Pumpkin Spice Room Spritz
+ 10 drops Orange
+ 5 drops Cinnamon
+ 3 drops Clove
+ 2 drops Nutmeg
+ 1 dropper or about 1/2 tsp vanilla
(I like the Mexican cold pressed clear vanilla from Global Goods for this!)Fill with 1 part witch hazel & 3 parts water. Shake. Spritz all the fall pillow, throws, and rooms & enjoy!

spray bottles: https://amzn.to/32U2zeM

Essential Rewards

If you’re a budgeter, Essential Rewards is a great way to be able to plan ahead on EXACTLY how much you need and want to spend on dish soaps, hand soap, shampoos, bar soap, skin care, oils etc. Set it up in advance and you don’t have to think about it again! 

With ER, you can change up what you order each month OR you can determine how much money your family has in the budget for cleaning products/wellness/personal products/supplements. Then pick the items that you need every single month that fit within that budget, put that in your ER cart and leave it there and you don’t have to think about it again! Plus it helps to make sure you stay on track! Every month it will be shipped right to your front door without you having to do anything.

Each month you spend $50 or more on ANYTHING you want and then you get points, which is basically YL money, to use towards more YL products. So you can view it as getting products for free OR getting discounted products. 

For example, place a $100 PV Essential Rewards order in your first 3 months and earn $10 dollars back to your account to redeem for free products. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

The FIRST THREE months that you are an ER member, you earn 10% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you earn 10pv in points to buy free oils and products, which is like getting everything you buy at 10% off.

Months 4 THROUGH 24 you earn 20% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you will earn 20pv in points to buy free oils and products.That’s like spending $100 for $120 worth of products!

Months 25 AND ONWARD you earn 25% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100pv order, you will earn 25pv in points to buy free oils and products. So spend $100 for $125 worth of products!

You can then turn around and use the extra points/YL money that you earn, right away. So I will plan out my ER and then usually plan what I will use my points on. We use Lavender in our diffusers around the house, nightly. Instead of having to order Lavender monthly, I get it free every month with points! 

Whether you budget or not, this is all so great to understand because right now we are in unprecedented times where so many of us are having to pay super close attention to what we are spending money on. It is important that we can communicate the benefits of ER and how it IS possible to get high quality products that are good for your family and still stay on a budget!