Oils don’t fix everything.


Did Amber Foresto, a CERTIFIED ESSENTIAL OIL COACH, just say that?

Yes, I sure did!

Now that I have your attention, hear me out.

Oils don’t fix EVERYTHING. This is not to say that oils are not powerful, because they sure are. The FDA won’t let me tell you all of it, but trust a sister that they are


Do a little detective work to learn for yourself. “Essential oils have great potential in the field of biomedicine as they effectively destroy several bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens.” Sorry Mr. FDA, those are not my words. That’s straight from PUBMED!

I am not here to debate the awesomeness of essential oils; I do that a fair amount already. What I am here to tell you today is that we are stewards, a responsible party of someone or something. As a Christian, I am fully convinced that we are held accountable for what and whom we have been entrusted to care for.

For one, it’s our own bodies! I think in the Christian community we can limit stewardship to regularly attending church, and not seek to love God in every area of our lives like He calls us to…which of course includes taking care of the TEMPLE in which the Holy Spirit dwells, our bodies – the ONLY vessel He gave us to live in! That was my conviction when we started our wellness journey with that little box of powerful essential oils (aka the Young Living starter kit).

Secondly, it’s our family! As a mama, I know that God gave us parents the precious gift of caring for our children. We choose what they eat, what medicines they do or do not take, their circle of influence, and more. The way we raise our kids, the values we instill on them and the example we set for them all greatly impacts their future. If we feed them highly processed, nutrient-depleted foods with all sorts of dyes and sugars then they WILL, eventually, down the road, suffer from the effects of that. Whether it’s physical or even behavioral issues, to a very large extent their future will be able to be traced back to how they were raised, what values they were taught, and of course their own free will to ultimately do what they want.

BUT IF we raise our children with a love for health and healthy things, they will take that excitement and knowledge into their adulthood, and generations will reap the many benefits of that. For our own children, they know that our food should be “organic with no additives”. They know that exercise is important, and essential oils are AH-MAZ-ING. They know that we should try to make healthy choices because it’s what God wants us to do, because He loves us and wants the best for us! It blesses my heart to see them excitedly embrace wellness now, because I know when they’re older they will take that knowledge and run with it. I pray!!

I started this out by saying that essential oils don’t fix everything, because as I’ve discussed, wellness is holistic. BUT they ARE an ESSENTIAL PART of the wellness lifestyle, both in a PREVENTATIVE way as well as REACTIVE. Ditching toxic products in your home is also a HUGE part of living a healthy and vibrant life, just like our food choices.

Ya’ll, baby steps may be needed to transform the way you live, BUT TAKE A STEP! Don’t look at all the things and cower and run the other direction because it seems too much. DO WHAT YOU CAN. Add just one change at a time. For us, we started with changing up our food. Then we got the Young Living starter kit and started pitching toxic products from our home. It has 12 oils that YOU WILL USE for over 100 purposes in your life. That’s a small box with a HUGE impact. Start there.

I choose wellness.

Xoxo Amberyoung living

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