A lot has changed in my life in the past year. No doctor visit gave me answers, I was humbled and took it upon myself to seek answers outside of traditional medicine. I am so glad I did. While I may not be near 100% physically who I was, natural living has been empowering. There is something to be said when you are a new momma and you know what your child is around is safe. That you are doing everything you can to be healthy to enjoy life with your family.
God knows the desires of my heart. To be healthy and whole. I do know he is using this journey of mine to reach out to people that have gone through the shameful rigors of no answers. What I have learned and focused on the past 6 months is to not seek out a diagnosis. That just caused more stress on my body. I have been focusing on taking extra care of my body for it’s healing. I am very careful in what I eat. I have taken on a diet even more strict than the AIP Protocol. Nothing I put on my body has any toxins or chemicals… from my toothpaste, facial care, makeup, to my conditioner. Zero chemicals.
I do not stress if I cannot or do not get my chores done when I expect them to be done.
I am thankful. I am thankful for my God who loves me. My husband that cares for me. My sweet boy that thinks his momma is so silly. My parents who ensure my boy is taken care of during the work week. I am thankful.
If there is some sickness, injury, or ailment holding you back, just remember the Serenity Prayer.

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