Hot weather is in full swing!

I love nothing more than the satisfaction that comes from creating my own version of the toxic stuff in the stores.

These staple DIYs make Summer better!

they are also cost-effective, non-toxic, and endlessly customizable. Everyone wins!

Aaaaand chances are you already have these ingredients in your pantry.


Here we go!

1/ Body Scrub

The role of a good body scrub is to exfoliate -get rid of dead skin cells- while nourishing the skin and providing much needed vitamin C!

This simple body scrub does all that. #micdrop

In a bowl, mix together:

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup sugar

1 T honey

10 drops Grapefruit, Orange, or any other citrus essential oil!

Transfer to a glass container with lid, and keep in the shower! Use as you would soap, especially on areas you are wanting smooth skin -such as thighs, bottom, arms.

2/ Bug-off Spray

This is an efficient alternative to toxic deet -you can google all the dangers of that stuff; it’s not pretty!-

I spray this all over my kids and myself, faces included. No need to hold your breath, or spray outside / in a well ventilated area. That’s the beauty of natural products!

Mosquitoes and ticks stay away from us -when we remember to use it!

In a 2oz spray bottle, add:

10 drops Citronella

5 drops Lemongrass

5 drops Rosemary

5 drops Geranium

2 drops Spearmint

2 drops Thyme or Clove

1/4 part witch hazel

1/4 part sesame oil -or fractionated coconut oil

1/2 part water

Shake well before each use and spray liberally on exposed skin! I especially spray feet, because that’s how creepy crawlies get on 😉

3/ Sun-kissed Hair Highlights

This recipe is from Young Living’s Canada blog, lots more DIYs there too!

Want to achieve those radiant sun-kissed highlights in your hair? Try this lightening spray for natural highlights.


  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 15 drops Citrus Fresh
  • 3 drops Frankincense
  • 3 drops Ylang Ylang


  • Add all ingredients into a 12-oz. spray bottle and shake to combine.
  • To use, shake well and spritz throughout hair when spending time in the sun. Start with a small amount to avoid over-drying hair.

4/ Cooling spray

After being at the pool / playground, or going on a walk I love the feel of freshness on my sun-heated skin! The oils will not only give you a cooling sensation (Peppermint) but also help cell regeneration (thank you Lavender & Frankincense!) and moisturize (vitamin E)

In a 4oz bottle, add:

15 drops Lavender

10 drops Peppermint

5 drops Frankincense

1 t vitamin E


Be sure to shake well, So the vitamin E disperses with the essential oils.

Bonus tip: keep this spray in the fridge for that extra cool feeling!

5/ Mojito & Mocktail

I love adding my oils to all drinks! Cold or hot, alcoholic or not. They always ad that “je ne sais quoi” element that everyone asks me about.


In a tall glass, crush 4 mint leaves with 1 T sugar & 1 drop Peppermint essential oil.

Add 1 T lime juice & 1 drop Lime essential oil, stir thoroughly then top with ice.

Pour rum and soda water over everything, and enjoy!

Pick-me-up Mocktail

Ningxia is a natural antioxidant supplement in the form of a drink. It is delicious, helps me with mental clarity, energy, skin and gut health. It’s your ultimate feel-good mocktail! I usually make double, because I know my kids will steal sips 🙂

In a tall glass, pour:

1 Ningxia Nitro

1-2 drops Lime or Grapefruit

Top with ice and sparkling water

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