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The Modern Box is Here!!!

October 9, 2019

Kristen Critz



if you were on the latest team call, we announced these little beauties that we have been working on for a LONG time! So i wanted to share a little bit of vision behind it with you really quick!!
I KNOW that each of you work SO hard but you’re also juggling so many hats! And sometimes sister needs a little help! It’s such a gift to be able to budget for an assistant with this job but it takes awhile to get to that place. WELL, let me share two ways this box is kind of like hiring an assistant!
First, no more packaging happy mail by yourself for your new enrollments! No more waiting in line at the post office while your toddler flops around in boredom. I have been there my friend!
Second, you can customize a personal message for each enrollment and it will be written inside the box lid! When you purchase this box, it’s like we are putting our efforts all in together to hire the sweet Micaela Staudenmaier to help us out!!! She is the magical box fairy for all of us. She will be handwriting the messages, packaging up the boxes, and shipping them out for YOU!
The cost of the box is $22 and that includes paying Micaela Staudenmaier for her help AND shipping! We have worked really hard to get this cost down as much possible so that it fits within your budget!! This is a resource for YOU to use and to help YOU!


  • +One Modern House roller that’s customized by Whimsy + Wellness. Haylee from Whimsy worked with us and we were able to use her company to order these custom bottles!!!wahoooo!
  • +Square Post cards that explain how to use the kit. They give a quick summary of each oil as well as roller blend recipes and diffuser recipes.
  • +Roller label stickers. Along witht the roller blend postcard, there’s a packet of stickers for your friend to add to their roller. All they have to do is follow the recipe then add the sticker! yay!!!
  • +Thieves spray bottle. This is for your friends to dilute the thieves spray. I know Young Living switched the thieves packet to the spray bottles but we are including it just the same. They can dilute the thieves that comes with it or you can encourage them to buy their own new bottle of the thieves home cleaner. WIth it also comes instructions on how to dilute.
  • +Again you can send a personalized message to your friend that will be written on the inside of the box lid which makes it look so cute and customized!
Whether you use the modern house branding or not, this fits for everyone because it’s a way for your friends to modernize their home. ie “Modern House”.
On the site we also have an option for you to buy a three pack of rollers with the stickers to ship out as an incentive or gift as well as a “so fresh and so clean spray bottle label! SO use this also!!! Rank incentives, ER incentives, reactivation incentives, get creative!!!
So check it out and let me know what you think!! This has been a labor of love and I’m SOOOOO excited that it’s finally HERE!!! i’ll attach more picture in the comments to look over!
Canada stay tuned!! We are adding your box too! Just figuring out shipping costs!