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November 7, 2019

Kristen Critz



Are you wanting to be ready to help people this month?? Do you love sharing your oils with friends? We want to give you some tangible ways to start spreading the word about them oils in a practical way. So join me right here and i’m going to walk you through some steps of handing out SAMPLES!
Why samples? One of the things i LOVE is being generous! Letting people experience those oils and not just hear what you’re saying about them is such a fun way to care for people. So we are getting really strategic and going through step by step how to give out samples again this month!!! Because we want to HELP people. We want to also HAVE FUN doing it! And have cute ways to share!!
We are on month THREE!! Have you been joining us?? That is sharing samples for THREE MONTHS! Think of the impact this will make!
So here it goes. Let’s dive in and get oils in people’s hands!
Last month, Young Living announced the new BASIC starter kit which is now only $35!!! These kits are the perfect way to introduce people to Young Living for a much lower cost.
So let’s let them experience some of our favorite fall oils!!!
Thieves. Peppermint. Orange. Christmas Spirit. Stress away. ALL in one spray bottle for a room spray!!
* +Peppermint Essential Oil 5ml
* +Thieves Essential Oil 5ml
* +Orange Vitality 5ml
* +Christmas Spirit 5ml
* +Stress Away 15ml*
* +Small spray bottles 10ML $1
* +Small spray bottles 2OZ $2.50
ALSO!!!! Be sure to print these adorable stickers for your bottles!! Download them from our team website here:
Here’s how these little mini packages are going to work. We’re going to package all of those oils into that cute little spray bottle and allow our friends to experience the magic of these MVP oils for themselves! We are going to make this combo into their very own fall scent room spray! Use this combo or make your own and pass them out as little gifts! THIS will be a great way for them to see how to use oils in their every day lives!
Be sure whether you are writing your personalized notes that you include your INSTAGRAM handle that you have where you talk about oils. If you don’t have an oily account, write your cell number so she can text you all the questions if she doesn’t have your number already. Make this easy for her. Give her a way to learn more.
And make sure she knows she can have all of this (INCLUDING A YOUNG LIVING MEMBERSHIP) for less than $115 (or less than $77 if she goes with the vitality versions!)
We are challenging EACH AND EVERY ONE of you to give out TEN samples to TEN people this month (non members)! So what you do next is :
1. Order supplies
2. Make a list of friends in need
3. Give out samples to ten friends
4. Follow up
FOR EACH OF YOU WHO COMPLETES THE CHALLENGE of handing out TEN samples to TEN friends in the month of November who have NOT joined your team yet… you will get a discount code for $5 off our BRAND NEW Modern House welcome boxes.
FOR EACH OF YOU WHO COMPLETES THE CHALLENGE of handing out TEN samples to TEN friends in the month of November and any of those people enroll with you as a new member on your team…. will ALSO be entered into a drawing for THREE ARIA DIFFUSERS!!!!!
Gets entered into a drawing for the Aroma Complete!! WHATTT????????
Fill out this google form once you have sent out TEN samples in November:
SO WHO IS IN?????? Let’s take advantage of THE FALL/THE BUSY SEASON and be ready for our friends who need oils!!!
Comment here and tell us how YOU are sharing your samples! And share a photo of you and your friend with their sample (for fun) or a pic of the samples all ready to go!!!