I wanted to sum up for y’all what all I tried out and what I will be keeping around on a daily basis. It’s hard to keep up with all of the info over on Facebook, so know that you can always come back here!

ART FOAMING CLEANSER// If you don’t know where to start with YL’s beauty products, the first place I started was the ART foaming face wash.  It’s light and gentle and infused with Frankincense and Hawaiian Sandalwood. Those are two really expensive oils so this is a great way to get those high priced oils onto your skin and into those fine lines! When I started with this, it was just a great way to replace my current face wash.  I loved how it made my skin feel.

ART TONER// I have NEVER wanted a long routine in the morning.  So to jump in with the toner felt like a huge commitment.  But the toner was able to get off left over makeup, left over sunscreen, and lots of dirt.  It also surfaced a lot of grime in my skin that was there for a long time because I noticed my face breaking out with tiny little pimples along different oily places on my face.  So just know that going into it.  My face has never felt so clean!  So this will be a staple.

ART MOISTURIZER// This is a light moisturizer that I think would be good if you have oily skin and don’t need a lot more.  My skin is a bit dryer so I will stick with my whipped body butter + Frankincense.  But this is really silky so you might love it!

ART CREME MASQUE// LOVE this one!  I apply it about once or twice a week at night.  You leave it on for deep moisture and feels awesome!

NINGXIA WOLFBERRY EYE CREAM// I rub this on beneath my eyes twice a day.  I’ve even been putting it on my frown lines between my eye brows for wrinkles.  I posted about this on fb but I couldn’t believe how great this stuff works on those little wrinkle lines under the eyes.  A TON of people also talked about how much they have loved this one over on the BabySteps FB page.  This will be a staple that I will have until Ningxia Wolfberries become extinct! 🙂

SATIN MINT SCRUB// I’ve loved having this one around to use once a week or every other week.  It scrubs off the dead skin to help renew the healthy skin.  I feel like this is always good to have around for every now and then just to keep your skin renewed.

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONERS// The Copaiba Vanilla is my fave! Whenever it’s in stock, I will be ordering it.  When it’s not in stock, Lavender Mint is my next choice.  I love the feel of the Lavender Mint.  It feels refreshing on the scalp.  The Copaiba Vanilla smells good and makes my hair feel super healthy.

FRANKINCENSE// Always and forever I will have this on my night stand for all the wrinkles. I roll this on under my eyes after I put on the whipped body butter. I’ll also put this on occasionally between my eyebrows for the frown lines and over any scars.  It works amazingly! STAPLE!

SUMMER LIP GLOSS// Loved this one! It’s more of a tint, which is great for me.  I don’t like a lot of color on my lips! The scent attached to this gloss smells so so good! it’s a little bit woodsy + floral.  So not too girly! It reminds me of really good memories.

LAVENDER BODY LOTION// Yep! love it! It doesn’t have a lot of junk in it.  I can rub it on Hudson after bedtime and apply oils after putting it on.  I don’t worry about the oils  pulling nasty things into his skin from the lotion.  And it smells like yummy Lavender.

NINGXIA RED// Most of you know I drink 4oz daily.  So this is one I don’t want to live without! It’s great for adding in nutrients and antioxidants to your day and helping with the PH balance of your body which in turn helps your skin balance.

I can’t tell y’all how much I loved doing this natural beauty month and having an excuse to invest in a few new things that I wouldn’t have normally bought.  As always, I’ve looooooooooved using natural  products on my skin.  I am definitely a typical girl when it comes to insecurity about complexion.  So I’m really super choosy with what I use.  But this is the first time I’ve used an all natural option that has worked really well.  The toner, and the wolf berry eye cream were two that really surprised me.  Let me know what has worked well for you!

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