Supplements + Oils for Depression

January 21, 2020

Mike Young

San Diego, CA

Today was a surviving kind of day. I finally sat down at 1:00 and when I did I lost all the energies! ? And I finally realized today that energy is what I need to be a parent. ? and when I don’t have it I’m a bad one. ? so good to know! Finally have some clarity there.

But for awhile I’ve been feeling so good physically and emotionally. (Until today’s crash) About a month ago I had again another moment of clarity realizing how easy it is for me to stuff emotions and that I basically had been for four years. When the boys were in Texas I finally had time to sit back, breathe and look back on our move here to Nashville! It’s been a whirlwind. And my emotions did a terrible job of keeping up. My body was going through the motions but my feelings were somewhere else trying to find me. So I started doing some research after this light bulb moment to start dealing better. And to learn exactly how to do that but also learn what to do to support my body without taking any kind of meds ??. For real tho. And right now I’ve found the best combo for me!

Here’s my routine if you’re like me and need some emotional support:

AM/PM oils:

+Joy EO on the feet
+Vetiver EO on back of neck and chest
+Lavender on chest
+Roller blend of blue tansy, neroli, stress away and peppermint on wrists


+Omega 3s
+Vitamin B (if I take it super early)
+Magnesium for calming (not YL)

And I’m not kidding I’ve felt like a different person. I have energy, I feel calm about life and how i don’t have control over much of anything, I am happier with the babes! And I know it’s a culmination of my new routine but also the hard work it’s taken to get to these moments of clarity. And the last year Jordan and I have spent digging and doing the work on ourselves.

2019 you have been something else. You were freaking hard on us and I’m glad you’re about to go! But I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more growing season than this one! And for that I’m thankful!

So tonight if you’re wondering, I’m rolling joy on my feet, laying in bed and catching up on this is us. Then praying for the best sleep bc… parenting is coming again tomorrow!

Night friends!