Hey friends!!

Welcome to this space filled with joy, encouragement, and inspiration. I am over the moon excited to be connecting with you and helping YOU become empowered to do this dang thing called: LIVING HEALTHIER. Before we jump in to the how and the why of living your healthiest life, I want to give you a glimpse of ME. Who I am, the desires of my heart, the things that make my heart smile. Are you ready, this is going to be a fast and furious version y’all.


+ First up, I say y’all at least 47 times a day. I’m an Okie girl through and through… it’s what we do.

+ I’m a dreamer. I’m confident I came out of the womb dreaming big. Let’s just say I used my mom’s aerobics step as a stage at age 1 because I was dreaming of being a singer. Also, yes, I was born in the 90’s.

+ I’m an Enneagram nerd. Enneagram 2 wing 3 over here! I love learning about how I can better connect with the humans around me and make them feel seen and heard!

+ Audio books and Podcasts about empowering women and living your best life are my jam! I dream of having my own podcast someday (soon) and inspiring women to live out their full potential.

+ I am married to a hunk of a husband, Andrew, who is the kindest, most light-hearted human I have ever met.

+ We have 2 beautiful babies, Harper (4) and Jackson (2). They make this crazy thing called life so fun and give us more joy than I could have ever imagined. Of course, I can’t forget our fur baby: Baylee, an 80 lb. “lap dog” that loves to snuggle.

+ We basically have a mini jungle in our home because I am obsessed with plants. Like give me all the ZZ’s and snake plants. PS… can you have a black thumb AND be a crazy plant lady?? If so, that’s me. But ZZ plants and snake plants are basically “unkillable” so they have become my new obsession.

+ I love finding cute coffee shops where I can write, be creative and sip a good Dirty Chai.

+ Our family loves to travel. We don’t do it enough, because hello… 2 young toddlers, but let’s just say we are on a mission to travel the world! Again, big dreamer over here!

+ I am crazy passionate about helping all the people find full wellness! Why? Because when you finally find the answers you’ve been searching for, the results you’ve desired, and the wellness you didn’t even know was possible… you tell the world about it!!

+I love meeting new friends and hearing their story. I think this world of social media is so dang powerful!! I mean how cool is it that some of my best friends are from all over the world? So, let’s connect! Follow me over at @madisonhenrylifestyle on Instagram and let’s be besties!

Stay tuned for more about my wellness story and how this world of essential oils has changed our life forever.

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