June Newsletter

School’s out for the summerrrrr!!! Bring on all the sunshine and cookouts!

June is big month around here! While we can’t be all together in Salt Lake visiting lavender farms and drinking Ningxia this year, Young Living has planned an AMAZING virtual convention for us!! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!

Save the dates for June 16-19th!

Registration is $55 and includes a FREE GIFT this year!! I can’t wait to see what treat YL has in store for us!!

Registration closes TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! So go ahead and do that NOW using the button below if you haven’t already. Trust me on this, you’re gonna have major FOMO if you’re not registered.

By joining us for our second virtual convention, you’ll also gain access to all the perks you’d normally enjoy when attending the convention, including the ability to purchase all of the exclusive convention offers (I got a sneak peek and OMG!!), first pick of the newly launched products, and the opportunity to hear from our phenomenal speakers! Additionally, all registrants will be provided a special gift as part of their registration fee that will arrive with their first convention order.

Young Living also has a perfect Father’s Day sale happening so you can go ahead and check that off your to-do list for the Dads in your life!

Cheers to sunny weather and happy days!

Kristen & The Modern House Team

June’s Gift With Purchase

400 PV tier

Retail Value: $185.53

+ 15mL Peace & Calming + 15mL Aroma Siez + 15mL Citronella + FREE SHIPPING

ER Exclusive: + 15 mL Eucalyptus Globulus

250 PV tier

Retail Value: $91.78

+ 15mL Aroma Siez
+ 15mL Citronella

ER Exclusive:

+  15 mL Eucalyptus Globulus

190 PV tier

Retail Value: $47.37

+ 15mL Citronella

ER Exclusive:

+ 15 mL Eucalyptus Globulus

100 PV tier


Summertime Diffuser Blends

School’s out and summer is officially HERE!! Here are some fun diffuser blends to get the summer vibes going strong! You can always save this graphic to your phone for future reference when you’re needing a little inspiration too!

Salty Summer

4 Bergamot
3 Eucalyptus
2 Rosemary
4 Lavender

Lemon Bars

2 Lemon
2 Vanilla
2 Cinnamon Bark
2 Lemon Myrtle

Beach Life

2 Patchouli
2 Citrus Fresh
2 Ylang Ylang

Sea Breeze

2 Bergamot
2 Orange
2 Cypress
2 Lemon

Father’s Day Sale!!

It’s time to pay it forward for Father’s Day! With the Dewdrop Essentials Collection, you can snag your guy a Dewdrop Diffuser. Best part? It’s complimentary, because who doesn’t love free stuff? Basically you’re paying for each of these oils and getting that diffuser FOR NOTHING!! Icy Idaho Blue Spruce, nature-like Northern Lights Black Spruce, peppy Peppermint, and lively Lemon make up the perfect manly combo for the dads in your life!

Not only is the diffuser a bonus- YOU CAN GET THIS ON ER!! I mean it doesn’t get better than that!! Just make sure your ER order is set to process before the 13th (I’d go ahead and process it today just to be safe!). Get someone you love an amazing gift AND get yourself a little something at the same time- ER points for free stuff later!

This limited-time Father’s Day collection is available June 1 at 12 midnight, MT, through June 13 at 11:59 p.m., MT, and is ideal for macho men, refined gentlemen, or anyone, male or female, who adores diffusing essential oils.

Dewdrop Essentials Collection

Complimentary Dewdrop Diffuser

• Infuse the air with earthy, complex, or sharp-scented scents.

• Combine Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce, and Peppermint for an outdoor adventure scent or diffuse Lemon to brighten up any room.


• Use this straight-from-nature aroma as a cologne, perfume, or beard or hair oil.

• Diffuse this stalwart scent to make any hideaway homey and smelling great.


• Add a few drops to your favorite face cream to boost moisture.

• Mix it with your shampoo to bring the sensation of mountain breezes to your morning shower.


• Snuff out stinky smells by placing an oil-infused cotton ball in your sock drawer or shoe closet.

• Put a few drops on a rag to remove icky messes and sticker residue in a cinch.


• Cool skin after working in the yard by combining a few drops with aloe vera gel.

• Blend a drop or two with a small amount of V-6™ and rub it into tired muscles.

Item No.: 39058

Wholesale price: $91.25

Retail price: $120.07

PV: 75.98

Shop/ER: Shop and ER (ER must be processed between June 1−13)**

Limit: No limit

LTO: Yes

Ship to NFR/APO: Not available for NFR or APO; U.S. only.

Order date and time: Offer is valid from June 1 at 12 midnight, MT, to June 13 at 11:59 p.m., MT.

Who can order: All U.S. accounts, including existing members, new members, upgrades, and reactivations

*These items are considered dangerous goods. Shipping restrictions apply.

**If you order this collection on ER and it goes out of stock, it will be removed from your template and could possibly drop you below your PV requirement.

DIY After Sun Spray

Some of us are already experiencing warm and sunny weather. That means more days at the beach and pools. Let’s be real, sometimes we get a little TOO sunkissed and this may cause some hot skin irritation. Ouch! This spray will soothe your skin and make it feel so much better. Some notes: First, make sure you guys use quality aloe vera gel. I was scanning a few with my Think Dirty app and was shocked that the “PURE” and “NATURAL” ones came out as a 9 (not good!)!! Second, the peppermint oil is optional, but it gives that nice icy feeling to it. Last, you can keep this spray in the fridge until you’re ready to use it so you get that EXTRA cool feeling. 

1 oz glass spray bottle
1.5 tsp pure aloe vera gel
4 drops Lavender EO
2 drops Peppermint EO
Fill the rest with distilled water
Shake and spray!

Don’t want to go the DIY route and for some soothing relief from too much sun? Lavaderm After-Sun Spray is our favorite go-to!

Vitality Drops – A Must Try!

If y’all have been sleeping on these vitality drops, it is time to WAKE UP! These are just the OOMPH you’ve been needing for your water, especially on a warm summer dayyyy!!! Plus you’ve got quite a few flavor options!

Need to hydrate but wanna do it naturally without sugar or artificial colors? Try one of these two flavors- Grapefruit Bergamot or Lavender Lemonade! You can grab the flavors individually or in a variety pack!

Need more pep in your step? The Jade Lemon Berry or the Spearmint Tangerine have 20 mg of naturally derived, plant-based caffeine per serving! These also come in a variety pack if you want to try both or you can snag the individual flavor pack.

MY personal fave way to add these drops to my daily routine is to go with the is grapefruit bergamot with water, ningxia and sulfurzyme powder! 

My kids even ask for “special drink” all day every day because they love the flavor it adds to their water and I don’t have to feel weird about it soooo I love it too!

Check out all this selection and go ahead and add some to your next order. You can thank me later!!

+YL Vitality Drops +Energy Variety – 4pk 36248 

+YL Vitality Drops – Energy Jade Lemon Berry 3pk 36247 

+YL Vitality Drops – Energy Spearmint Tangerine 3pk 36246 

+YL Vitality Drops – Grapefruit Bergamot – 3pk Grapefruit Bergamot – 3pk 30129 

+YL Vitality Drops – Lavender Lemon – 3pk Lavender Lemon – 3pk 30130 

+YL Vitality Drops – Variety – 4pk 30988 

Summer Must-Haves

We all know this list could go on because HELLLO! Oils + Summer = two of the BEST THINGS on plant earth am I right?! But let’s round up our top 10 Summer Must Haves!

1. Mineral Sunscreen
A clean, good for you sunscreen that actually works?! YES please!

2. Grapefruit Vitality
Stay hydrated with a drop of Grapefruit vitality in your water, in the morning or at the pool!

3. Ningxia Zyng
You know you’re gonna need that extra boost of energy to keep up with your kids this summer! Or maybe you just want something tasty and refreshing to sip by the pool.

4. Lavender Vitality
We love lavender to soothe skin, relax the mind & keep those long mermaid locks looking good all summer long!

5. Ningxia Red
For all the summer energy, afternoon pick me ups & delicious treats that curb sugar cravings! 2-4 oz. daily will boost your energy levels, improve mood & give you all the antioxidant benefits you didn’t even know you needed! Plus, so fruity & refershing!! YES and YES!

6. Insect Repellent
Never leave home without it! BYE BUGS!

7. Jade Lemon
SMELLS. LIKE. SUMMER. This will be in the diffuser all season long, we love it with purification & geranium!

8. Lavaderm After Sun Spray
Love to keep this on hand if we get a little too much sun, but also works great on little toddler knees & hands after they fall, or skin that might be irritated from salt water or chlorine. Overall soothing & cooling and we love it!

9. Coconut Lime Body Butter
Slather your whole self in this & never look back! This is the creamiest, dreamiest body lotion that smells delicious enough to eat. Also great for little ones dry skin or even dry cuticles!

10. Super B Vitamins
Another energy + mood booster that we can’t live without!

Essential Rewards

If you’re a budgeter, Essential Rewards is a great way to be able to plan ahead on EXACTLY how much you need and want to spend on dish soaps, hand soap, shampoos, bar soap, skin care, oils etc. Set it up in advance and you don’t have to think about it again! 

With ER, you can change up what you order each month OR you can determine how much money your family has in the budget for cleaning products/wellness/personal products/supplements. Then pick the items that you need every single month that fit within that budget, put that in your ER cart and leave it there and you don’t have to think about it again! Plus it helps to make sure you stay on track! Every month it will be shipped right to your front door without you having to do anything.

Each month you spend $50 or more on ANYTHING you want and then you get points, which is basically YL money, to use towards more YL products. So you can view it as getting products for free OR getting discounted products. 

For example, place a $100 PV Essential Rewards order in your first 3 months and earn $10 dollars back to your account to redeem for free products. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

The FIRST THREE months that you are an ER member, you earn 10% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you earn 10pv in points to buy free oils and products, which is like getting everything you buy at 10% off.

Months 4 THROUGH 24 you earn 20% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you will earn 20pv in points to buy free oils and products.That’s like spending $100 for $120 worth of products!

Months 25 AND ONWARD you earn 25% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100pv order, you will earn 25pv in points to buy free oils and products. So spend $100 for $125 worth of products!

You can then turn around and use the extra points/YL money that you earn, right away. So I will plan out my ER and then usually plan what I will use my points on. We use Lavender in our diffusers around the house, nightly. Instead of having to order Lavender monthly, I get it free every month with points! 

Whether you budget or not, this is all so great to understand because right now we are in unprecedented times where so many of us are having to pay super close attention to what we are spending money on. It is important that we can communicate the benefits of ER and how it IS possible to get high quality products that are good for your family and still stay on a budget!