It was just an ordinary annual physical so I went in between classes. I remember going down to the lab for some  blood work and thinking about all the homework I could be doing instead of standing in what seemed like the longest line ever! The the lab was extremely full and in the midst of it all, a child with special needs was having a major meltdown. At some point tables were kicked and peoples blood samples went everywhere. They had just put the bandaid on me so I got out of there as soon as I could.


A few days later I was asked to come in for more blood work. They told me that knew that the date and time my blood was taken there was a commotion and that  they believed there was a mix up with the stickers on the blood tubes so they wanted a few of us to just redo the labs. I am not going to lie, in that moment I was super annoyed, I hated needles and the fact that I had to make the time to go back, but I did.


The next day, I was I was sitting in my lecture hall waiting for class to start, when I answered a call from a number I didn’t recognize. “Hello, are you able to talk, how are you feeling he said?” Me being me, I answered in a detailed manner replying, “I’m ok, super tired from school and interning, but with the load I am taking that is to be expected, why?” Okay, well I am going to need you to come to the hospital, do you have someone that can pick you up?! Ummm, excuse me, the hospital, can you tell me more! “I need you to come in to run more tests and we can talk more.” Those words triggered me, that very moment I went back to the very phone call my mom got for my sister. It was the time she had to go to the hospital to be told she had Leukemia, then came fighting for her life and then death. YES! The trauma allowed my brain to go there! I walked out of class and burst into a state of panic and fear. I was so close to finishing my Bachelors, how could this be happening to me! How could I ever call my mom and tell her, me too!

I went in and they explained to me that I must have a Guardian Angel because they NEVER run this panel on young women because it is so rare, but that there was some sort of mix up and my blood was tested and they found it, hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is an iron disorder in which the body simply loads too much iron. My iron levels were dangerously high and had they not caught it when they did it would most likely have taken out my kidneys and attacked my heart. How good is GOD❤️Had this not been found when it was I may not be here today. The journey this took me on wasn’t a fun one, but since choosing life when I was pregnant with my son, my blood has been completely healed! Every 6 months since having Isaac I have had to go back to my blood specialist, and every time they are still shocked that my blood is still fine! No more phlebotomies thank the lord!! When asked to keep up the whatever remedies, I proudly shared “JESUS and OILS.”


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