I have never been anti- conventional medicine. I was raised by a nurse and lived with the catch phrase “better living through pharmaceuticals!” and still to this day I believe there is a very important place for modern day medicine (shout out to Dr. Yang who took out my husbands appendix last week- no oil can do that!!;)…but I also feel strongly there is a place for the natural stuff too. This is my story.

when I turned 20 I found myself on birth control pills, steroid creams, and antibiotics strictly to treat acne on my face. The pill was making me gain weight, I felt moody, I knew my hormones were out of wack and despite my best efforts i got to a point where i was sick and tiredof feeling sick and tired.

so i did was any 20 year old college student would do: i flushed all of it. threw away the creams, fired my dermatologist and decided to get to the root. Turns out, your gut has a whole lot to do with your health, turns out that your skin is an organ and anything you put on it finds its way into every system of your body. It started a journey for me that I am so grateful I said yes to: a journey of getting back to the roots.

Young Living became a source of empowerment, a tool to teach my brain how to listen to the needs of my body, it got me in tune with my emotions and it healed my gut. When I say “young living” what i mean is “plant juice.” the lifeblood of plants that God created to help us stay healthy and strong.

Oils have helped me heal my gut (which took care of that pesky acne btw!) They have helped me through emotional trauma, anxiety, family crisis, financial crisis, and more. Oils have given me confidence as a new mom, and oils has become a tool to give me the ability to care for my family in a way that I am proud of. I am proud to be a gatekeeper of my home- choosing products and solutions that benefit my family and whoever steps foot into my home. And one of my favorite things: oils connect me to amazing people like YOU!

When I started gaining experiences and testimonies, I couldn’t keep it to myself. So here I am- 7 years later, 2 years into building my business- and I have over 600 families that have said “yes” to wellness alongside me. We are just getting started!

I want to invite you to come along on the journey with us. To be a part of a community that is a safe place to let your “freak flag fly” and us be like “yes mama. i know the feeling. have you tried Peace and Calming!?” (a common conversation amongst us toddler moms, ha!)

Whatever season you find yourself in, you can rest assured oils aren’t going anywhere. They are stable. They have been around since Bible times. for thousands of years they have helped us heal and get back to our roots…to feel connected and whole.

So whether its: hormones, stress, emotions, kids, nontoxic living, belief and mindset work, traveling, fertility, bedroom oils for the married folks….theres an oil for that ? lets get back to the roots together shall we?!

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