As a kid, i was a daydreamer. I remember so many times sitting in the back seat of my moms minivan staring out the window into the clouds, and I would let myself dream….dream about what I could be, what I could do, who I would become, who I was in that moment.

Yet somewhere along the way, I let myself settle..I settled into adulthood, settled into low expectations, settled into shutting off the part of my brain that said I could create or write or lead. I decided that I was best at being behind the scenes, and don’t get me wrong- it was admirable work that I did but it wasn’t ME. There are a lot of good things that you can be and do in life that aren’t the RIGHT things for you to do or be.

Fast forward as oils entered into my life. If you read my original blog post, you read mostly about how oils helped balance my hormones and heal my gut. And to be honest, all of the emotional support oils really weirded me out at first. Like how could “joy” spark joy?! I just didn’t get it. Until I started using them.

I was left with some symptoms of PTSD after a series of events that my brain decided to process and surface all at once, and so out of desperation I reached for  two oils that I happened to have on my shelf: “Peace and Calming” and “Valor”, hoping to get some control over my thoughts that kept triggering anxiety attacks. They not only gave me infinite support, they started unlocking parts of my brain that had been dormant for years.

“When my thoughts finally stopped racing,

I started dreaming again. “

When I gave space in my life to explore those dreams, I would roll valor and stress away on, diffuse gratitude- and journal. Then I did what for me was the bravest step of all: i started to share. I shared with my pastors and they prayed with me. I shared with my counselor and she helped me process. I shared with my husband and he poured encouragement over me. And I shared with my friends and they believed with me.

There is nothing “magical” about oils. Oils are science based. But when I started really learning about how oils work with your brain, work with your frontal lobe, i couldn’t deny the science because I was a walking testimony.

The breakthrough and freedom that I am walking in now is because of so many things: but oils are one of those things. And my success story is what has given me a laser focus in regards to my purpose within this field: to get to the heart of wholeness. To not do the heavy lifting for people, but to help them help see the dreamer within themself, and to not chalk it up to being cheesy or aloof, but to realize that dreaming and vision casting is a huge part of what grounds us.

The greatest joy for me, is that since walking in new levels of freedom, since getting clarity and living a life that I would want anyone to be able to live- is that I get the privilige of walking alongside hundreds of families that are seeing the same story played out uniquely in their life. We were created to dream, to enjoy, to live abundant and beautiful lives….to the point that when life throws a curveball, it doesn’t take us out of the game.

My daughter and I at the Brave Retreat, a team retreat that I helped host for the business builders within our Modern House community

I do not live with my head in the clouds. I live grounded, empowered, and expectant knowing that the best is yet to come for me, and for you. I have walked through some fires but I don’t smell like smoke. And I want this for you.

It starts with an open heart and an open mind. To be open to change and to be desperate enough for a shift. Thats where I found myself when I threw my hands up, rolled on those oils, and thought “what the heck mine as well give it a shot!”

I still use my oils for emotional support- but not for healing, but rather for pioneering. Pioneering a path that you can walk down and see results, see breakthrough, and freedom. To not spend so much thought life and work staying away from anxiety and fear, but I am now applying that energy to pushing myself  into all that you I was truly created to be and helping you do the same.

I always say that health is not the goal, but the starting line. To be healthy is to be able. And to be able is to move forward.

So if you have a kit, then give those plant juice bottles a try. Valor, Peace and Calming, and Stress Away. They are all waiting for you! Diffuse them, slather yourself in them, huff them to your hearts content. When you apply them, take a moment to breathe and focus your thoughts. Journal if you have the capacity too. Share when you are feeling courageous with trusted friends and mentors. Let yourself walk in freedom. It’s waiting for you!


xx Katy


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