This simple Moon Sand recipe uses coconut oil, rather than baby oil. I knew that with toddlers, the sand would end up in their mouths, so we needed something taste safe!

What is Moon Sand?

Whether you call it moon dough, cloud dough, kinetic sand or galactic sand (like my kiddos affectionately named it today); moon sand is a simple and fun experience for kids of all ages! As the perfect sensory activity, it can be molded and built into fun shapes that even adults would enjoy. It is sure to keep your little ones entertained!

Tips for Success

-Let the kids lead! They will love taking part in creating the sand themselves.

-Grab spoons, scoops, and even playdoh toys to add another level of fun!

-Have a group of kiddos? This recipe is easily doubled or even tripled!

-Make sure to seal the sand well in a bag after use to save for future play!

-Put down wax paper or a plastic table cloth for easy cleanup.

-Remember, this recipe uses oil, so don’t wear your best clothes!

Below is our step by step tutorial on how to make moon sand!


-3 cups flour

-1/2 cup coconut oil (melted)

-food coloring

-essential oil of choice (we used Peace + Calming in this batch)

-wipes for easy cleanup



  1. Mix together flour and melted coconut oil

2. Add in food coloring and essential oils to desired color/smell.

3. Mix together using spoons or your hands. The more you squeeze it                    together, the more color will spread throughout the flour. Once you can              squeeze it in your hand to form, it’s done!

Here is a tutorial video with the boys giving instructions! 🙂

Quarantine with Emily (and Tate, and Talyn, and Taitan!)DIY Moon Sand!!

Posted by The Oils Village on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Super simple! Hope you and your little ones enjoy! Let me know what you think 🙂