Happy International Essential Oil Day!

It’s the 2nd annual International Essential Oils Day (#IEOD)! It’s a great day to honor the late founder, D. Gary Young, on his birthday by recognizing the benefits of essential oils for all. A 25 year legacy has been left for us to enjoy and be empowered by!

One of the best things we have with Young Living is their Seed to Seal promise! As a biology teacher, I do a lot of research. Not just for class with my students, but on my own time (also, I’m an Enneagram 1… is there any other way?!). So scientifically, this company knows what they are doing! They research, track when the best time for harvest is, and so many other things! They make sure that what it’s that bottle is 100% essential oil, distilled and prepared without all the junk! When it comes to wholeness for the home and what we put into our bodies, this company is the real deal! And today for #IEOD, Young Living will be giving 5% of their global sales (up to $250,000) to the YL Academy.

What can you do to celebrate #IEOD?

Try a new oil or diffuser blend
Share you oils with a friend. You know their gonna take one of your bottles at some point anyway!
+ Take the Essential Oil Quiz to test your Oily IQ
Plant a tree to give back to nature.
+ Learn more about D. Gary Young or the Seed to Seal Process
+ Reset your mind with some powerful blends crafted by Gary Young himself
+ Get a good night’s sleep with these oils tonight

Happy #IEOD!

Why we chose Young Living!

Why our family chose Young Living? watch this first

This is a topic of great interest and I get this question all the time! Why did we choose Young Living? How does Young Living compare to other companies? Etc. While I address a lot of these questions in the attached video, I do want to preface all of this with my heart on the issue of “other companies”. I do not believe in building my business while taking another down. What I mean is, I will never talk “trash” about another company to get a sale. It’s not in my character, nor is it necessary. Young Living’s purity, open book policy and quality speaks for

Check out their seed to seal promise here.

I will however share what was the defining fact that brought our family to Young Living.

When researching what essential oils are, how they are used, and how a company acquires them, I found that Young Living blew me away! They don’t just produce oils, they discover them! Their farms span the globe, because they distill them from the land in which they thrive the best.

A list of their global farms here.

They have full control of the process: from purchasing virgin land, to bottling the oils. Young Living even takes steps not necessary, to ensure they were the best therapeutic grade oils possible. One such example is that they submit their oils to AIRASE for purity testing and are the only company to do so!

Read more about AIRASE here.

Since I get so many questions about Young Living vs DoTerra I will give an unbiased side-by-side, factual comparison for you.

Young Living vs doTERRA at a glance:

Number of Singles:
doTERRA -48
Young Living-86

Number of Blends:
doTERRA -25
Young Living -121

Year Founded:
doTERRA -2008
Young Living -1993

Years Selling Oils:
doTERRA -9
Young Living -24

Source of Oils:
doTERRA – Direct/Broker
Young Living -1st/direct

Distill on site:
doTERRA -no
Young Living -Yes

Farm ownership:
doTERRA -no
Young Living – Yes

Co-op Farms:
doTERRA -yes
Young Living – Yes

Partner Farms:
Both – Yes

Open to Pubic:
doTERRA -no
Young Living – Yes

Farm Control:
doTERRA -no
Young Living – Yes

Seed Control:
doTERRA -no
Young Living – Yes

Still Tops cone or dome:
doTERRA -Dome
Young Living -Cone

Number of tests:
doTERRA -7/9
Young Living -9/9

3rd Party Testing:
doTERRA -Essential Oil University (which is owned and operated by Robert Pappas who is also paid by DoTerra to represent them in some way as an independent contractor.
Young Living -CNRS France

doTERRA -Yes
Young Living – Yes

Side by side Testing:
Both – Yes

CA Available – certificate of analysis:
doTERRA -no
Young Living -Some

doTERRA -no
Young Living -no

Synthetic Free:

Both – Yes

Both – Yes

USDA Organic:
Both – No

Dedicated Internal:
doTERRA -no
Young Living -Yes

DS labeled- diatary supplement:
doTERRA -some
Young Living – Full Line

Both : As per oil

Child Safety Caps:
doTERRA -2
Young Living -7

Direct Sales:
Both : Yes

Retail Stores:
doTERRA -no
Young Living -12 stores

Online Retail:
Both : Yes


Lemon Cost:
doTERRA –$5.49/15ml
Young Living – $11.25

Frankincense Cost:
doTERRA -$69.75 15/ml (a blend, not pure frankincense)
Young Living – $73.50

Lavender Cost:
doTERRA -$21 15/ml
Young Living – $23.50