Why Oils? (It might not be what you think!)

Hi, I’m Eryn, married to David, and we are adoptive parents.  In 2014, a couple years into parenting we still were overwhelmed (as most parents are ? and had a difficult time connecting with one of our children.  Supporting her needs took more patience and skills than I was equipped with and we were getting better.  Things were getting better, yet I still often felt distant from her.

That November 2014, I went to an essential oils class and got some samples of Lavender and Myrrh from a friend.  Later that same night, my daughter got sick for the first time since we brought her home with us.  She was hardly ever even with the sniffles, but she was really down that night.  I didn’t know what to do because I often felt out of my element with her, but this night I also hadn’t ever seen her feel this bad physically.  So I did some research and rubbed the oil samples I got over her spine and put some on me too.  Now, up until this point she wouldn’t really love snuggling or staying in my lap.  She was often wanting her space and wanting to be mobile.  I got to rock my other kids, but she wasn’t really into that kind of bonding time.

As soon as I rubbed the Lavender and Myhrr on her though, she crawled into my lap and slept, snuggled, settled in with me and stayed with me through the night so I could keep an eye on her.   It was really miraculous for our relationship!  I wept because I had been longing to hold her for so long.

I knew at that point that it didn’t matter if these little EO bottles did anything else, I was getting them just for my relationship with my daughter!  Spoiler- they helped with other things too ?  It was such a TURNING POINT for our family.

At that point I was all in!

I researched the heck out of everything I could and then I asked my super smart husband a billion questions.  He even read textbooks on essential oils (he’s a chemist and a chiropractor) and told me all about that.  This cascaded into a thousand different things that helped my family in ways I didn’t even know were possible.

We used oils more….our family healed emotionally.

We started using more green-cleaning items in our home…things got better for our kids behavior.

We started a business with Young Living because we loved sharing….we now are a stay at home family and get to make up for time we lost before we adopted.

We keep finding new things (still 4 years later!) that we love about Young Living.  If you want to start this journey and see what it will mean for your family- it might be different or similar to my story- now is the time, friend!


So i have a confession to make: i really do not like DIY’s. I would rather “throw money at the problem” and call it one and done. So let me just say- any DIY that I recommend probably just barely qualifies as a DIY, but whatever. Having bug spray that doesn’t seep chemicals and crap into my babies skin and my families skin pushed me over the edge to muster up the 5 minutes that this DIY takes! This toxin-free bug spray that you can safely use even on your littles is worth gathering up the two supplies off Amazon prime. And sidenote: if doing a 2 minute DIY makes you cringe, Young Living sells amazing Bug Repellant wipes ? I just prefer a spray and find this recipe to be super easy and it smells amazing too! The other tip is there are room spray recipes, sleepy sheet recipes, and hand sanitizer recipes you can repurpose with the same leftover 3 oz spray bottles and witch hazel! so its budget friendly. Anyway, I regress.

hiking the jungles of hawaii bite-free!

I first tried this bug spray recipe out when my oldest, Zeke, was 3 months old and we traveled to Hawaii for a summer vacation. I was so worried about him getting bit in the jungles of Hawaii because if he is anything like his mama, our blood is sweet and we just attract those mosquitos!

This recipe did the trick, and we have used this ever since for family vacations, camping trips, and outdoor summer fun! I used the bug spray on cute baby his legs (everything else was covered) and sprayed my husband and myself head to toe. NONE of us got bit a single time in spite of seeing mosquitos throughout the entire hike! WINNING! As always: I only use and trust Young Living therapeutic grade oils because of the quality and the way they process and distill! you can read more about that by going to www.seedtoseal.com if you’re a researcher; but if you’re like me, you just go off of what you experience works from companies you trust!

Keep this handy in your travel bag or hiking backpack and you can thank me later ?



3 oz spray bottle (i get mine off amazon!)


Young Living Oils:

20 drops young living citronella oil

10 drops peppermint oil

5 drops purification oil

5 drops lemon oil

5 drops cedarwood oil

All you do is shake all ingredients into the 30z. spray bottle! then get onto that adventure of yours!!!

Don’t let those bugs steal your joy this summer or keep you from getting your adventure on! happy summer everyone!!!

xx katy