Our Birth Story

Dear Elisha,

Sweet boy, you are truly an answer to prayer. You came into this world during a very dark season of grief and sadness. With your birth came new joy and hope. You did that for us. Thank you, dear son. You have been the most gentle, sweet, calm baby we’ve ever had, and we know that’s all God’s grace!


Elisha’s birth story!

The day started with my regular, don’t-call-the-midwife-yet, contractions: those painfully annoying ones that had been part of my pregnancy story for the past 2 months. The kind that hurt bad enough to make me very uncomfortable, but not bad enough to call the midwife yet. Needless to say, we didn’t know that it was the day. Some women just know! For me, I woke up every morning thinking I’ll be pregnant forever, although we know that’s impossible! You see, I had never, in all 4 pregnancies before Elisha, gone over 39 weeks. But being adjusted regularly, having no membrane sweeping, etc., he stayed in there until 40 weeks, 5 days!


At about 9 pm, I was sitting in the living room with my girls when I felt a snap/pop in my belly. It was a STRANGE feeling that I hadn’t experienced before! So I got up and walked around, and sure enough, it was my water breaking!! PRAISE THE LORD, we were so excited that Elisha was finally about to bless us with his presence. Our plan was to have him at home, in the birthing pool, upstairs in a room I thoroughly prepared just for this moment. (I know – I had high expectations ? ) But the timing of his birth couldn’t have been more perfect. The kids went to bed shortly after my water broke, after they recoded the sweetest video for Elisha welcoming him home! It worked out wonderfully this way because we didn’t have anyone to help with the kids. My mom had passed away exactly one month before this day, and she was supposed to be here to watch the kids.


At about 9 pm, we texted our midwife Amber that my water broke and that Elisha was coming! She advised me to rest until my contractions picked up, so I cleaned and we made sure everything from the birthing kit was where it needed to be. Items such as the hose, bowls, a gazillion towels, etc.! Jesse filled up the diffuser with lavender and frankincense. This is the best calming blend for such an occasion! It’s really a magical combo. Also, we HAD a playlist ready for his birth, but in the craziness of it all, when it was time we just played Pandora on shuffle on our Sonos speaker. It worked out so well though because the songs that played really resonated with my heart that night. We continued to move things to our new birth room, thanking the Lord for this new baby. At about midnight I decided to finally try and rest, only to wake up 30 minutes later to the real deal!


My contractions kept intensifying until 1:00 am, and we kept our midwife informed along the way as they prepared to arrive. Still thinking baby was a few hours away from being born, we didn’t call our chiropractor quite yet!!! Dr. Jen was so excited to be able to adjust me as I was contracting to help prepare my body for his birth…but Elisha had a different plan!


What happened after that was a whirlwind, happening faster than I expected, kind of experience! I was applying oils ALL OVER THE PLACE at this point – PanAway on my back, and Valor on my chest and palms for deep breaths. Our birthing team arrived at 1:35, and at this point my body did something I have never experience with my other births! I had always gotten an epidural before transition ever happened, but this time, I felt my body pushing on its own! I didn’t know what was happening. The pool was only ½ filled, but my body was not going to wait – it kept pushing. I remember apologizing because I didn’t mean to push, but the birth team encouraged me to follow my body’s lead.


After about 10 minutes, I asked to get in the pool as soon as the next contraction slowed down. Once I was in there, it really did help with the pain. I got into my “I CAN DO THIS” mindset and did something I didn’t know I could do – had the baby on my own! (even though I may have proclaimed that I was NEVER having a baby again in the mist of the pain ? … Sorry, Babe ? I love having your babies!)


Since this was my first natural birthing experience, I kept asking questions like, “What hurts worse, the head or the body?” I was encouraged that once his head was out that the rest would be easier, and it was! Man, whoever said the “ring of fire” was the worst part was right, because IT HURT LIKE NOTHING ELSE I have ever experienced before!


After Elisha’s head was out, I was only one push away from seeing his beautiful face! At 2:04 am he was born! They put him on my chest right away, and I cried. I cried because the sun had shone after the storm of my mom’s passing. I cried because I can do very hard things. I cried because it was so magical and painful at the same time!


I transitioned to a nearby chair soon after the placenta was delivered, and Dr. Jen arrived shortly after. My poor friend missed his birth because it was SO FAST, but when she arrived she was so kind to adjust both me and the baby! I know that’s why he has been such a sweet, calm baby ever since.


I thank the Lord for Elisha’s beautiful birth story! I thank Him because we could have him at home, and our children could come down only 5 minutes after he was born. I am thankful I didn’t tear or bleed out. I am thankful for the soothing voice of my dear husband telling me I could do it. I am thankful for my birthing team that spoke Scripture over me as I was in the worst pain of my life. I am thankful my friend Jen could come and adjust us, and our friend Reagan could takes pictures of the moment! If we ever do have another baby, this is how I want it to be done!

Timing of everything:

Water broke at 9 pm

Started to fill up the birthing pool at 1:20 am

Birthing team arrived at 1:35 am

Elisha was born at 2:04 am

My chiropractor arrived at 2:26 am


Oils + Supplements used during pregnancy:

  • Sulfurzyme for my SPD
  • Digize for my acid reflux
  • PanAway + Valor for aches and pains
  • Peppermint for nausea
  • NingXia Red (EVERYDAY) for a strong immune system, nausea and energy!
  • NingXia Nitro for energy
  • Super C for a high quality vitamin C boost
  • Smarty Pants prenatal because I couldn’t swallow my Master Formula pills
  • Super B for energy
  • Claraderm spray to prepare the perineum for birth 6 weeks prior to delivery (helps with the stretching)
  • **Chiropractor adjustments every week of pregnancy**

Oils + supplements used during labor:

Oils + supplements used for recovery:

also a huge shout out to my friend Jen Brown who made this adorable “Oily Babe” onsie for Elisha! She and her husband make custom shirts that are so cute and great quality! @primalcreeklife


If your an expectant mama needing to get started on your oily journey, I’d love to help you get started. We have a whole facebook community dedicated to pregnant mamas and mama’s of little ones.