June Announcements!

Happy June!!

This is always such a fun month with awesome promos and convention!!

First things first, here are the June promos for Essential Rewards members! Essential Rewards is our monthly wellness box! You can customize what you need each month, and you get freebies and points back based on how much you purchase! It’s the greatest, and June’s promos are awesome! How cute is that picnic blanket?!

Okay, next up! Our June classes!

The first set are on Facebook in The Oils Village LIVE:
[6/11] Summer + Oils 7 pm
[6/23] Convention Recap 3 pm

[6/25] Pregnancy To Postpartum
On Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/2138605356

The Oily Squad Class Schedule all on Zoom! (Second photo)
Monday Classes – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87176389965

Wednesday Classes – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81536935483


At last but certainly not least – CONVENTION!!! Probably the thing we are most excited about this month! Instead of being in person in Utah, everything is virtual, and tickets are still available until 6/17!

Ticket holders have first chance at purchasing all the new convention products on Thursday, 6/18. Tickets won’t be available for everyone else to purchase until the following Monday. Many of these products will go out of stock quickly, so I definitely recommend getting your ticket!!

Tickets can be purchased here: http://www.cvent.com/events/virtual-international-grand-convention/event-summary-1a6c7e2035df46939edf9ada1f59b99a.aspx


As always, please let me know if there’s anything I can help you with! I hope you have a great day! ☺️



Hey friend.  I know essential oils may seem weird.  Truly- we have been there too- in a place where we felt like people just wanted to hang out with us, take us to lunch, just to have us “join their team”, or “get started with them”.  It feels yuck to feel like a cog in someone else’s business.  I’m thankful for those experiences actually, because they help me approach our family business in a whole new way.

If I could, i would go sit with you for coffee and listen to your story.  See where I could help, and offer suggestions, knowing that I will never have all the answers!  Sometimes the answer is just feeling like someone else is saying, “Yes, me too!” and that makes us feel less alone!

In the previous post here, I’m shared with you how oils impacted our life in an amazing way.  I know our story isn’t your story, but if you want to hear us say it in our own words, here it is:

But you probably want to know what essential oils even do, right?  Do they work?  What’s the big deal anyways?!  I get it- I wanted to know the same things.  That’s why we also put together this video where David explains the exact science of how oils work for us.  I promise it’s not boring- I don’t even like science and I love listening to him explain it- it’s so cool!  Both his chemistry/ pharmaceutical research & his natural healthcare background give him a well-rounded perspective on essential oils that are pretty interesting!

Ok, so now you know!  If you are more curious now, feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram and reach out there- I’m always wanting to listen and see how I can help <3

Getting back to the roots

I have never been anti- conventional medicine. I was raised by a nurse and lived with the catch phrase “better living through pharmaceuticals!” and still to this day I believe there is a very important place for modern day medicine (shout out to Dr. Yang who took out my husbands appendix last week- no oil can do that!!;)…but I also feel strongly there is a place for the natural stuff too. This is my story.

when I turned 20 I found myself on birth control pills, steroid creams, and antibiotics strictly to treat acne on my face. The pill was making me gain weight, I felt moody, I knew my hormones were out of wack and despite my best efforts i got to a point where i was sick and tiredof feeling sick and tired.

so i did was any 20 year old college student would do: i flushed all of it. threw away the creams, fired my dermatologist and decided to get to the root. Turns out, your gut has a whole lot to do with your health, turns out that your skin is an organ and anything you put on it finds its way into every system of your body. It started a journey for me that I am so grateful I said yes to: a journey of getting back to the roots.

Young Living became a source of empowerment, a tool to teach my brain how to listen to the needs of my body, it got me in tune with my emotions and it healed my gut. When I say “young living” what i mean is “plant juice.” the lifeblood of plants that God created to help us stay healthy and strong.

Oils have helped me heal my gut (which took care of that pesky acne btw!) They have helped me through emotional trauma, anxiety, family crisis, financial crisis, and more. Oils have given me confidence as a new mom, and oils has become a tool to give me the ability to care for my family in a way that I am proud of. I am proud to be a gatekeeper of my home- choosing products and solutions that benefit my family and whoever steps foot into my home. And one of my favorite things: oils connect me to amazing people like YOU!

When I started gaining experiences and testimonies, I couldn’t keep it to myself. So here I am- 7 years later, 2 years into building my business- and I have over 600 families that have said “yes” to wellness alongside me. We are just getting started!

I want to invite you to come along on the journey with us. To be a part of a community that is a safe place to let your “freak flag fly” and us be like “yes mama. i know the feeling. have you tried Peace and Calming!?” (a common conversation amongst us toddler moms, ha!)

Whatever season you find yourself in, you can rest assured oils aren’t going anywhere. They are stable. They have been around since Bible times. for thousands of years they have helped us heal and get back to our roots…to feel connected and whole.

So whether its: hormones, stress, emotions, kids, nontoxic living, belief and mindset work, traveling, fertility, bedroom oils for the married folks….theres an oil for that ? lets get back to the roots together shall we?!

The Real Story of Postpartum Depression.

If you are a new mama, CONGRATS! Get ready for the ride of your life. Filled with laughs, tears, and so much love! I’m Madison, Oklahoma native and holistic mama of 2 sweet littles: Harper (4) and Jackson (2). I know the feelings of pure happiness when you welcome that sweet bundle of joy into the world and all of your baby dreams are coming true. I know the feelings of being smitten with that little angel and you can’t imagine loving anything more. But, I also know the overwhelming feelings of postpartum depression. This is my story.

March 11, 2015. Our sweet Harper was born. She filled such an incredible place in our hearts and we adored her sweet little face. I was a new mama. Unsure of what to expect, but eager to start this new life as a family of 3. I knew I would get little to no sleep, change lots of diapers, and basically be a milk making machine {or so I thought, but that’s for another day}. What I didn’t expect, was the overwhelming sadness I began to experience about a month into motherhood.

For a few weeks I thought, “okay, I guess this is just part of it.” However, as days passed by, my feelings of sadness increased. The feelings of “loneliness” overcame me. I began to think I wasn’t made for this “mom” thing and I didn’t think I could do it. Finally, after lots of “googling” {which is a new moms BFF}, I came to realize, these feelings I was experiencing were due to postpartum depression. Now here’s the deal, I’m a pretty “happy go lucky” kind of gal. I love to smile, have fun, give off all the good vibes and positivity – so this hit me like a freight train! Did I mention I’m also a little stubborn?? Postpartum depression? No way! Not me. After speaking with my doctor, he too explained that postpartum depression was very normal and that it can be treated with medicine. Now friends, if you’d like to scroll back on up and see my bio, “holistic mama of 2”, I’m not really into the whole “throw some medicine in your body and call it a day” kind of approach. But if that’s your thing, you do you boo! I’m all about mamas supporting mamas and I 100% want you to do what’s right for your body. However, if you are looking for an alternative {or maybe you want to save some $$$}, here is what I did to naturally support my body and kick postpartum depression to the curb!

1. Exercise! Now I’m not saying you have to go out and train for a half marathon {running isn’t my jam}. BUT, go for a walk! Get moving! Do Yoga, Pilates, Barre – whatever makes your heart sing and brings you joy! Grab your BFF or go alone for some much needed YOU time. Buy yourself a cute new pair of leggings and do it!!! You will be surprised how much this will help you feel back to normal!
woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring


2. Grab some oils for emotional support! Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking. Oils!? Really?? Girl, let me just tell you! I was an essential oils skeptic. Like the biggest skeptic on the planet! But, when I slapped that stress away oil on my wrist and slathered Frankincense on me and baby girl, I burst out in tears. I’m not saying I was full on bawling, but cross my heart, tears were streaming down my face as I let my emotions release from my body. I knew in that moment that everything was going to be okay. Now remember, not all essential oils are created the same! I know it’s tempting, but for the love of all things, don’t grab essential oils from your nearest Target/Walmart/TJ Maxx. They are filled will all kinds of chemicals, extenders, and fake fragrances. I highly recommend Young Living due to the Seed to Seal practices and standards. I can trust 100% that what’s going on me and my babies is pure and safe – which makes this mama heart very happy! If you want to know more about that, head on over to @mh_essentials_ for tips and trick on how to support your body with essential oils.

opened amber glass vial bottle


3. Breathe! The power of breath!! Did you know, when you breathe from your shoulders, you’re actually breathing from a place of stress, anxiety, and depression?? Guilty!! This was me 99.9% of the time. I know mom life is so dang busy y’all but there is so much power in taking 3 big deep breaths every single day. So let’s work on this. Stop what you’re doing! I’m going to grab a bottle of Frankincense essential oil right now because it’s my jam, drop some in my hand, and take 3 deep breathes. Breathe with me from deep in your gut. Inhale… Exhale. Inhale… Exhale. Inhale… Exhale. Better??? Don’t forget to take deep breaths during the day, beautiful friend. Go ahead and look in the mirror right now too and tell yourself “I love you [insert your name]!” I also love practicing a little selflove. Okay moving on.

pink breathe neon sign


4. Community! Last but not least, find a community! Now I know social media has its pros and cons, but friends… social media can be so, so beautiful. It’s a place we, as women, from all over the world, can come together and find our TRIBE! WE can support other people. We can be vulnerable and authentic to our stories. We can tell those stories, in hopes that it will bring more people to understand we have their back! If you need a community, I would love to welcome you with open arms to follow me @madisonhenrylifestyle or over at my oily page! I love connecting with women and love helping all the mamas know they are NOT alone. I am here for YOU dear friend.

people laughing and talking outside during daytime

I hope this encourages and blesses you.

All the love mommas.

{Please note, this post is not intended to treat or cure postpartum depression. If you need more recommendations, reach out! I’d love to help in anyway I can}.

My journey to wellness.

Hello beautiful friends!

If you’re reading this, you are probably searching for answers. You probably desire to live healthier, to feel better, and to get answers!

If you are like, girl… but I don’t know where to start. I feel ya sister. I didn’t know where to start either. But that’s why I’m here! To hold your hand through the entire process. To help you feel empowered to choose BETTER for you and your family. I see you… I know your desires to live healthier. To choose better for your family. To be the best version of yourself!! How do I know? I WAS YOU. This was me 3 years ago. So let’s jump into HOW I got started with oils!

My life before essential oils was very different. I have zero background in “chemical free living” or healthy anything. I am the girl who washed her clothes in all the chemical junk and ate like an entire bag of powdered donuts – all before lunch. Now no judgement y’all… I just was doing the best I could with the knowledge I had at that point in my life. Honestly, I knew nothing about what was in my products before I started Young Living. I just trusted that these personal care products, baby products, and cleaning products that I was using before YL were all safe because massive companies led me to believe that they were. (knowing what I know now, I’m like YIKES)!

When I first heard about oils, my oldest daughter, Harper, who is 4 now, was 9 months old at the time. She had HORRIBLE congestion all the time and was constantly sick. Like could be allergies, could be a cold, but honestly, I had no idea. I would call the doctor almost every other day and ask “WHAT CAN I DO” and they would always say nothing. It was breaking my heart that I couldn’t do anything to help. But of course, I was skeptical, and a little stubborn, so I didn’t get oils for a good 2 months until enough was enough. I was sick and tired of our entire family struggling with sickness that we couldn’t kick and couldn’t control. I finally was like, okay I have nothing to lose so I guess I’ll get an oily starter kit and see how it works! I mean I might as well, right?

Honestly, ya’ll! No one was more shocked than I was when I realized that these oils I bought to “see if they would work” were giving Harper relief from the coughing, congestion, and snotty nose. Fast forward another year when I was pregnant with Jackson and was going through some CRAZY hormonal emotions (stay tuned on a blog post about that later). I continued to use my oils on Harper but was like, wait a second – why am I not getting in on some of this oily action!? When I saw they were helping my anxiety, stress, sleep and pain (pregnancy pain is rough) I couldn’t hold back the oily love anymore!!!!! I had to tell the world!

+If you have a kiddo suffering with congestion or being sick – there IS a solution!!!
+If your baby is having a hard time settling down to sleep – GIRL I’VE BEEN THERE… there IS a solution!!!
+If you are tired of feeling depressed or anxious because your hormones are out of WHACK and you refuse to take a million pills to “help” you feel better – THERE IS A SOLUTION!!!
+If you have gut issues and need relief like STAT… I got you!!

I am forever grateful for how these oils have supported my body and how they have changed my family. I got into this business because I want to help YOU find a solution and want you to feel empowered by these oils. You are not alone and I’m here to walk every step with you! Buy your starter kit, get connected with our oily community that is here every step of the way, and let’s help you start feeling like your BEST self and support your bodies with better stuff.

Welcome to a life of living well!

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