Breast Cancer will not win!

Breast Cancer is something that hit my family and like a plague. My Nana Concha, my mom’s mom, was first to be diagnosed. Then my aunt Sylvia Lynn, my dad’s cousin. Then both my dad’s sisters, Tia Sylvia and Tia Susie, then my Tio Jaime. Yes, you read that right, my uncle.

Can you imagine having this many people diagnosed with cancer in a short season? I literally, couldn’t. My emotions would not let me, but I did not have a choice because this was my real life! I give all the Glory to God, for taking care of EVERYONE! I am so blessed to say that, Breast Cancer chose the WRONG family!

If this is not your story, I am so sorry for your loss. Cancer took my sister and grandfather and I know too well that heart ache of watching a loved one fight for their life and lose the battle. I pray that God comforts and mends the pieces of your broken heart. Life will never be the same, but I know with his supernatural peace, you can find true joy again!

I never want any bad season to be wasted, so in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I wanted to share some tips from a Natural Doctor I follow named Dan Purser.

✨Clary Sage can lower your risk of Breast Cancer by 30%

✨Progessence Plus increases natural progesterone & that alone reduces Breast Cancer.

✨Water fast for 48 hours before chemo and you get a 900% increase of survival.

✨Avoid High sugar diets if you are high risk or are fighting breast cancer.

✨Birth Control under 18 increases dying by Breast Cancer by 500%


Have a Blessed Week! ❤️Jessica