August Newsletter

Happy August!

I hope y’all took fullll advantage of that amazing 10% off sale! I’ve never seen anything like it! So legit!!

Does anyone else get realllly excited seeing all of the school supplies out at Target? There’s just nothing like a new binder and some mechanical pencils to get you excited for a new school year! August is here and we are stepping into a new school year and all of the emotions that come with that. But not to worry, we’ve got your covered with a few tips to help you utilize your favorite oily tools!


ANDDDD Young Living has dished up some EPIC gifts with purchase for your orders this month! In case you missed it, Essential Rewards (ER) is now called Subscribe To Save (STS). You can still customize your monthly box with whatever you want & need but now you can choose to get different items at different times (every month, every other month, etc.) making it even more convenient!

Here’s to soaking up the last bits of summer and welcoming fall with arms wide open!!


Kristen & The Modern House Team

August Promo


+ Free shipping! (ER+SHOP)


Retail Value: $77.30

+ Thieves Dish Soap

ER Exclusive:

+ 15 mL Lushious Lemon


Retail Value: $111.51

+ Thieves Wipes
+ 15mL Lemongrass
+ Thieves Dish Soap

ER Exclusive:

+ 15 mL Lushious Lemon


Retail Value: $169.74

+ 3 Pack Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
+ Thieves Wipes
+ 15mL Lemongrass
+ Thieves Dish Soap

ER Exclusive:

+ 15 mL Lushious Lemon


Retail Value: $205.27

+ 3 Pack Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
+ Thieves Wipes
+ 15mL Lemongrass
+ Thieves Dish Soap

ER Exclusive:

+ 15 mL Lushious Lemon
+ Amber Dish Soap Bottle
+ Amber Foaming Hand Soap Bottle


Retail Value: $292.44

+ Desert Mist Diffuser

Back To School Diffuser & Roller Blends 

Back to school can be a time of stress for our little ones- add the crazy of the last year and a half and we’re all in unchartered territory!

The good news is – you have some amazing tools to help support yours and your kiddos emotions entering this new school year! Drop any of these combos into your diffuser to get your fam through this transition!


Tips for diffusing for back to school emotions:

– Turn on the diffuser as your kids are getting ready in the morning
– Have the diffuser running as you eat breakfast
– Give your kids a diffuser necklace or bracelet to wear calming blends to school
– Have a calming roller bottle for your littles to take to school so they can reapply throughout the day. (you should ask your child’s teacher if this is ok…she might even want to grab a diffuser from you for herself!)
– If you’re still at home the Class Focus diffuser blend is great to use throughout the school day
– When your kids get home, have a calming blend diffusing for them to unwind


*Please hear me when I say: you are not expected to be able to do alllll of these! I know how much is on your plate, mama! Do what feels manageable and helpful for you and your family!! These things are meant to be helpful tools, not to make you feel like you need to be doing more!*


Here are a few diffuser blends to create an environment of peace and tranquility to help your little loves every day AND as they go back to school:

Sunny Morning
3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Grapefruit
1 drop Ylang Ylang

Tantrum Tamer
5 drops Peace & Calming
2 drops lemon
2 drops lime

No More Hard Feelings
2 drops Roman Chamomile
2 drops Bergamot
1 drop Helichrysum

Super Calm
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Vetiver
2 drops Frankincense

Chill Time
3 drops Marjoram
3 drops Tangerine
2 drops Copiaba

Class Focus
3 drops Peppermint
3 drops Rosemary
2 drops Frankincense

Sweet and Happy
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Orange

Dream Time
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Roman Chamomile

Don’t forget these can be made into roller bottles too!
Just dilute them a little extra with that carrier oil for your littler ones.

BLOOM Skincare Trio

I have been OBSESSED with the Bloom line since it launched last year and I know so many of you all feel the same!

But for those who have been on the fence or are wondering what the heck we’re talking about right now, I thought I’d serve up a little info on this magical 3-part skin care line from the YL blog-

When it comes to skin care goals, your list probably looks something like this:

– My skin appears even and youthful.
– I look like I’m wearing highlighter even when I’m not.
– My face seems to glow from within.
– It’s easy to envision that dewy complexion we are all searching for—the trouble is narrowing down exactly how to achieve that oh-so-vibrant look.

Enter the BLOOM™ by Young Living brightening skin care line. This fresh and new illuminating skin care system will have your skin saying, “Glow yeah!” in no time. Use these three products packed with skin-loving antioxidants, and an even skin tone is on your horizon.

And the great news?? You can use your loyalty points (formerly ER points) to cash in on these beauties!! Treat yourself! Your skin will thank you- especially 10, 20, 30 years from now! 

The BLOOM system is the dream team you need to boost your skin’s natural luminosity. Your skin will blossom with the appearance of a more even tone, and you’ll adore the lightweight hydration you experience throughout the day.

All three steps of this collection are powered by the Sheerlumé™ Brightening Complex, an impressive blend of essential oils and botanical extracts that will enhance your skin’s radiance. Not to mention, the variety of flower and pulp extracts included in BLOOM will add that dewy moisture all glow getters are after.

Young Living is committed to the use of from-the-earth ingredients and clean beauty products, and the BLOOM line is no exception. Each of these vanity cabinet must-haves is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic to suit any sensitive skin needs. This custom formula is as clean as can be!

Now that you have the glow-down on the BLOOM line, let’s break down each product and how to use it.

Step 1: BLOOM Brightening Cleanser
The first step on the path to glowing skin is the BLOOM Brightening Cleanser.

Wash away the day by cleansing your skin to remove impurities like makeup, dirt, and oil. This gentle cleanser will leave your face feeling fresh without stripping moisture, thanks to hydrating ingredients. What specific buzzworthy components are in this formula?

Sodium hyaluronate draws moisture into the skin and provides needed hydration.
Pentaclethra macroloba (pracaxi) seed oil lends skin that enviable boost of hydration.
What does BLOOM Brightening Cleanser do?
– Lends the appearance of “pores no more”
– Quenches thirsty skin
– Gives the gift of a radiant glow
– Smooths your grooves and unwanted texture
Step 2: BLOOM Brightening Essence
Take your complexion to the next level with the second step on the road to glow: BLOOM Brightening Essence.

Sprinkle your skin with dewdrops of moisture and radiance. Use this gel-textured essence by applying it to cotton ball or cotton round and smoothing over your face. Glow up quick by putting some in the palm of your hands and patting it onto a clean face.

This non-drying, non-stripping formula adds instant glow with ethically sourced minerals called micas that add natural brilliance to the skin. This mineral also works together with three other bold ingredients to restore the appearance of an even complexion:

Lilium candidum (Madonna lily) leaf cell extract brightens your skin by reducing the appearance of pesky dark spots.
Pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract can increase your skin’s hydration by a whopping 88 percent!
Chlorella vulgaris (green algae) extract is known to revitalize skin while zapping excess oils.
What does BLOOM Brightening Essence do?
– Enhances hydration where it matters most
– Illuminates your high points
– Adds an instant “glow my goodness” level of radiance
-Restores your skin’s pH balance


Step 3: BLOOM Brightening Lotion
Go for the glow with the BLOOM Brightening Lotion, the third step in the system.

Hydration is key when aiming for a dewy finish to your face. Boost your natural radiance and get lasting hydration with this lightweight lotion.

This moisturizer is abundant with effective antioxidants that will minimize the appearance of future skin damage.

Remember: powerful ingredients = powerful results. Here is the goodness you’ll find inside

BLOOM Brightening Lotion:

Alpina officinarum (ginger root) extract gives a no-makeup-needed balance to your skin tone.
Sodium hyaluronate minimizes the look of large pores by summoning extra moisture your skin needs.
Palmaria palmata protects against signs of photoaging—ever heard of it? It’s totally a thing!—with this seaweed-derived ingredient.
What does BLOOM Brightening Lotion do?
– Gives you a compliment-worthy, even skin tone
– Reduces future damage with the protection of antioxidants
– Fortifies your moisture barrier to fight against dryness
– Bestows a softer touch to the appearance of your dark spots

Glow the extra mile
In addition to using a skin care system designed to brighten your complexion, here are some bonus tips to help you start glowing:

1. Exfoliate regularly: Removing dead skin cells lets bright, healthy skin shine through.
2. Wear sunscreen: Daily use of sunscreen protects your precious skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
3. Be consistent with your skin care: Make your skin care a ritual you practice every morning and night.
4. Hydrate daily: Never skip moisturizer, even if you have oily skin. Add a cream to your routine for extra hydration.

Back To School Checklist

As we head into this school year here are a few things you might want to add to your subscribe and save order this month! A quick list of a few of my must-haves for our kids each school year-

  • Unwind: to make sure your kiddos rest well before and aftrer those full days
  • Thieves Hand Sanitizer + a holder: to keep it easy and convenient for your kids to keep those germs away
  • Geneyus: roll this one on your little scholar’s spine and temples before sending them out the door to help support mental clarity and focus all day long!
  • Ningxia Red: to support overall wellness all year round!
  • Kidscents roller collection: so convenient to have on hand to battle the inevitable sniffles, support those big emotions and sleep patterns, help the owies, and so much more. I love having this set in my toolbelt! 

Check out this post for more specific tips on supporting alllll the emotions as your kids head back to the classroom, too!

Here’s to a new year full of growth, fun and learning!

Oily Bathtime

Ready for some relaxation???

Adding essential oils to your bath will most certainly take that relaxation up a notch! The best way to add them for the fulllll effect?? Soak them into some epsom salts!

Head over to Amazon or Costco, grab you a big old bag of plain Epsom salts, and whenever you bathe grab a few big handfuls of salt, add a couple of drops of Stress Away, Release, Frankincense, Lavender, or whichever oil fits the current vibe right there in your hand, and then mix into the bath. Crazy easy, helps the oil not to sit on the water in a more concentrated way, and is full of minerals and benefits for your body. The magnesium is excellent for relaxation, sore muscles, and calming.

While some people even love to add hotter oils like PanAway to their baths, start with a very low amount to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to the heat because the hot water opens pores and can really magnify that effect. Yikes! 

Don’t forget to start the diffuser in your bathroom while you soak, too to really set the mood!

One of my favorite oily hacks is to put my empty bottles of relaxing oils dropper-down in a container of epsom salts. That way you’re getting everyyyyy last drop of oily goodness out of the bottles and putting it to good use! 

How To Add Members to Our Facebook Group

We’ve got a new procedure for adding members to our groups that will hopefully get your friends added much more quickly and efficiently!

You MUST follow these steps to have people added so be sure to read through these instructions carefully so that all your peeps can get in to start learning how to use all of the amazing products YL has to offer us!!

To add members to Modern Wellness:

Send them the link (this is important. DO NOT ADD THEM. send them the link):

Facebook will prompt them to answer 2 questions when they click “Join” (when you add them, they don’t always see the notification for this step): -What is your YL member number? -What is your name as it appears in the virtual office/your Young Living account?

Give them the answers!!! You can even copy and paste this prompt:

Ex: “Hey girl, here is the link to the group! Two questions will pop up! Here are the answers:) 1. *fill in their number*, 2. *Their name as it appears in the VO* Ahhhh so excited for you to get in here and start exploring all of the amazing tips, tricks and info we’ve got!”

Important!!!!!!! THEY MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS! YOU MUST GIVE THEM THE ANSWERS. Otherwise, they will not get approved.

When they answer these, we cross check with the VO then click approve! We add people at least every other day.
Facebook makes it so they have to then “Accept” the add to the group, after we approve them. If they are wondering if they are in, just have them go to the group and check.

Essential Rewards

If you’re a budgeter, Essential Rewards is a great way to be able to plan ahead on EXACTLY how much you need and want to spend on dish soaps, hand soap, shampoos, bar soap, skin care, oils etc. Set it up in advance and you don’t have to think about it again! 

With ER, you can change up what you order each month OR you can determine how much money your family has in the budget for cleaning products/wellness/personal products/supplements. Then pick the items that you need every single month that fit within that budget, put that in your ER cart and leave it there and you don’t have to think about it again! Plus it helps to make sure you stay on track! Every month it will be shipped right to your front door without you having to do anything.

Each month you spend $50 or more on ANYTHING you want and then you get points, which is basically YL money, to use towards more YL products. So you can view it as getting products for free OR getting discounted products. 

For example, place a $100 PV Essential Rewards order in your first 3 months and earn $10 dollars back to your account to redeem for free products. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products.

The FIRST THREE months that you are an ER member, you earn 10% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you earn 10pv in points to buy free oils and products, which is like getting everything you buy at 10% off.

Months 4 THROUGH 24 you earn 20% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100PV order, you will earn 20pv in points to buy free oils and products.That’s like spending $100 for $120 worth of products!

Months 25 AND ONWARD you earn 25% back on your ER orders. So if you place a 100pv order, you will earn 25pv in points to buy free oils and products. So spend $100 for $125 worth of products!

You can then turn around and use the extra points/YL money that you earn, right away. So I will plan out my ER and then usually plan what I will use my points on. We use Lavender in our diffusers around the house, nightly. Instead of having to order Lavender monthly, I get it free every month with points! 

Whether you budget or not, this is all so great to understand because right now we are in unprecedented times where so many of us are having to pay super close attention to what we are spending money on. It is important that we can communicate the benefits of ER and how it IS possible to get high quality products that are good for your family and still stay on a budget!