August Newsletter

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary”

-Jim Rohn

Okay friends, THE season is upon us. The Fall season is some of the busiest, most fun months of all year with Young Living! And we are headed straight into it! I hope you feel the excitement and are ready to break through ceilings both personally and professionally! Don’t miss all of the goodness that this month has to offer! We have included some stellar education resources for you to utilize this month among other things so don’t miss it!


Kristen and The Modern House Team


How about these level up and double up prizes this month?!

Grow your business AND get free stuff for doing it?! Yes please! 

This month when you enroll 2+ new members you’ll get a bottle of everyone’s favorite- Ningxia Red for FREE!! And when you do that twice, you’ll get this CUTE picnic set TOO! 

What a perfect set of goodies to finish out summer with!

August Promo


Retail Value: $19.08

ER Exclusive:

+ 5 mL Thyme Vitality


Retail Value: $107.23

+5 mL Black Pepper Vitality

ER Exclusive:

+5 mL Coriander Vitality
+5 mL Parsley Vitality
+5 mL Thyme Vitality


Retail Value: $148. 67

+5 mL Mountain Savory Vitality
+5 mL Orange Vitality
+ Black Pepper Vitality

ER Exclusive:

+5 mL Coriander Vitality
+5 mL Parsley Vitality
+5 mL Thyme Vitality


Retail Value: $193.67

+ Charcuterie Board
+5 mL Mountain Savory Vitality
+5 mL Orange Vitality
+ Black Pepper Vitality

ER Exclusive:

+5 mL Coriander Vitality
+5 mL Parsley Vitality
+5 mL Thyme Vitality


Retail Value: $238.67

+ Apron Set
+ Charcuterie Board
+5 mL Mountain Savory Vitality
+5 mL Orange Vitality
+ Black Pepper Vitality

ER Exclusive:

+5 mL Coriander Vitality
+5 mL Parsley Vitality
+5 mL Thyme Vitality

Ya’ll, our kitchens are about to be smelling so good with all the vitality oils.
I wanted to offer you some suggestions on how to utilize each of the oils you can get for FREE this month!

Oils are MUCH more potent (and powerful, helpful, medicinal) than dried herbs so here is a conversion chart to help you use these amazing vitality oils in your kitchens:

TS = Toothpick swirl
tsp= Teaspoon
Tbsp = Tablespoon

100PV: THYME VITALITY (ER exclusive)
2 ts = 1/2 tsp | 1 drop = 1 tsp | 2 drops = 1 Tbsp
Add a few drops to your marinades to infuse meats + veggies with herby richness.
Add to Italian, French, and Mediterranean dishes
Add 3 drops to a veggie capsule for cardiovascular or digestive support

2ts = 1/2 tsp | 3ts = 1 tsp | 1 drop = 1 Tbsp
Research has been done at Cairo University for Corianders ability to lower glucose and insulin levels and supporting pancreatic function.
Add 2 drops to a veggie capsule and take after eating spicy food to help settle your stomach
Add to Eastern and Latin dishes
2ts = 1/2 tsp | 3ts = 1 tsp | 1 drop = 1 Tbsp
Add to Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern Dishes
Add 3 drops to a veggie capsule for an internal cleanse
Use as seasoning to balance and brighten seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, rice, pasta, and veggie dishes
2ts = 1/2 tsp | 4 drops = 1 tsp | 8 drops = 1 Tbsp
Traditional Chinese healers used pepper to treat cholera, malaria, and digestive problems.
Add 2 drops to a veggie capsule to help curb cravings
Black Pepper Marinade Recipe:
1/4 cup cilantro, finely chopped
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lemon or lime juice
1 Tbsp Salt
1 tsp Cumin
1 tsp fresh garlic, minced
5 drops Black Pepper Vitality
5 drops Lime Vitality

2ts = 1/2 tsp | 1 drop = 1 tsp | 2 drops = 1 Tbsp
Similar to Oregano
Add to European and Mediterranean dishes
2 drops = 1/2 tsp | 4 drops = 1 tsp | 8 drops = 1 Tbsp
Add 2 drops to a glass cup of water for a delicious flavor
Orange Creamsicle Iced Latte:
2 cups coldbrew
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 toothpick dips of orange vitality essential oil
Raw honey to taste
milk of choice to taste

I’m sorry, did someone peek into my heart and grant me my greatest wishes? How GORGEOUS is this?!

Also, adorable. AND if you have more than one kiddo, like me, you can score this promo twice by ordering on your account and your spouse’s OR by placing an ER order and a “shop” order of 400PV each!


When you enroll a new member with a premium starter kit, it is crucial to make sure they have all the info they need to put their oils and their membership to good use!

We can’t be YOU but we can help a bit! That is why our team has created a new member welcome series!

This is a series of 5 emails (one email a day) that you can sign your new member up for. You are not signing them up for any other Modern House emails, just the new member ones!

The topics we cover in this series include:
+how to get connected to our Modern House community
+how to use your oils
+resources for the newly obsessed
+essential rewards
+get your kit paid for

Just go here and enter your new member’s email address. Easy as that!

I also encourage you to sign yourself up and check out the emails so you know what your new members will be receiving! We really hope you find this helpful to you!

Happy enrolling, my friends!


Don’t Miss This!!

Speaking of new members….

We’ve got a new procedure for adding members to our groups that will hopefully get your friends added much more quickly and efficiently!

You MUST follow these steps to have people added so be sure to read through these instructions carefully so that all your peeps can get in to start learning how to use all of the amazing products YL has to offer us!!

To add members to Modern Wellness:

Send them the link (this is important. DO NOT ADD THEM. send them the link):

Facebook will prompt them to answer 2 questions when they click “Join” (when you add them, they don’t always see the notification for this step): -What is your YL member number? -What is your name as it appears in the virtual office/your Young Living account?

Give them the answers!!! You can even copy and paste this prompt:

Ex: “Hey girl, here is the link to the group! Two questions will pop up! Here are the answers:) 1. *fill in their number*, 2. *Their name as it appears in the VO* Ahhhh so excited for you to get in here and start exploring all of the amazing tips, tricks and info we’ve got!”

THEY MUST ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS! YOU MUST GIVE THEM THE ANSWERS. Otherwise they will not get approved. When they answer these, we cross check with the VO then click approve! We add people at least every other day. Facebook makes it so they have to then “Accept” the add to the group, after we approve them. If they are wondering if they are in, just have them go to the group and check.

To add members to Modern Business:

If members have already been approved in Wellness, they are good to go for Business. However, if they aren’t in Wellness yet or you’re adding them at the same time go ahead and have them answer those same questions with the same answers!
Here’s that link:


We have gathered a slew of classes and education that will be PERFECT to use when you are educating your members and prospects this month! Any of these classes could be used in IG stories, as a facebook class, in a text class or even just as a guideline for a zoom class! Whatever your niche is when it comes to classes, then that’s what you should do! Just make sure you are consistently educating because people are always watching and looking to learn more!!

Thieves Premium Starter Kit:

A Class on Thieves:

Stay Home. Stay Well.:

Ningxia Red:


I KNOW that each of you work SO hard but you can also feel like you’re keeping a million plates spinning! And sometimes sister needs a little help! It’s such a gift to be able to budget for an assistant with this job but it takes awhile to get to that place. WELL, let me share two ways this box is kind of like hiring an assistant!

First, no more packaging happy mail by yourself for your new enrollments! No more waiting in line at the post office while your toddler flops around in boredom. I have been there my friend!

Second, you can customize a personal message for each enrollment and it will be written inside the box lid! When you purchase a box, Micaela Staudenmaier will be handwriting the messages, packaging up the boxes, and shipping them out for YOU!

The cost of the box is $22 for US & $25 for CA and that includes paying Micaela for her help AND shipping! We have worked really hard to get this cost down as much possible so that it fits within your budget!! This is a resource for YOU to use and to help YOU!

These are PERFECT for enrollment incentives, rank gifts, you name it! Use it for whatever you’d like!! Y’all know you’re gonna be getting all the enrollments this month bc #BORABORA

One Modern House roller that’s customized by Whimsy + Wellness. Haylee from Whimsy worked with us and we were able to use her company to order these custom bottles!!! Wahoooo!

Square Postcards that explain how to use the PSK. They give a quick summary of each oil as well as roller blend recipes and diffuser recipes.

NEW: Cards with info on ER and business opportunity.

Roller label stickers. Along with the roller blend postcard, there’s a packet of stickers for your friend to add to their roller. All they have to do is follow the recipe then add the sticker to label that specific blend! yay!!!

Thieves spray bottle. This is for your friend’s to dilute the thieves spray and we’ve included instructions on how to do that! I know Young Living switched the thieves packet to the spray bottles but we are including it just the same. They can dilute the thieves that comes with it or you can encourage them to buy their own new bottle of the thieves home cleaner.

Again, you can send a personalized message to your friend that will be written on the inside of the box lid which makes it look so cute and customized!

Whether you use the modern house branding or not, this fits for everyone because it’s a way for your friends to modernize their home. ie “Modern House”.

On the site we also have an option for you to buy a three pack of rollers with the stickers to ship out as an incentive or gift as well as a “so fresh and so clean” spray bottle! SO use this!!! Perfect for rank incentives, ER incentives, reactivation incentives, get creative!!!


+photos to use when sharing about the box

+YES we ship to Canada! YAY! And it will include Canadian info!

+If you want to change out the sticker that your new enrollment receives (ie “so fresh and so clean” instead of black and white), you can note that in the comments of your order in parenthesis.

+we are working on getting an order link set up for those of you who would like to order the stickers individually. Once we get that in place, we will let you know!


Beginning August 10th!

This is a mentorship training created to teach YOU about how to build this business. We go through strategies, communication techniques, social media approaches, checklists to walk through, and personal development!!!!

We have worked on this training for 5 years and continue to refine this! SO you are getting a combined almost 6 years of learning from US!!! Jump in, dive in, go after your dreams girl!

We are ready for you!!! We will be posting all 21 days of the mentorship to ask you questions as you’re on your way! It’s go-at-your-pace so come in and come out as you want! BUT all of the videos and resources are going to be hosted through our new training site called kajabi. SO if you want to binge it ALL in one night you can!

PLUS the sweet Jessica Garvin and Logan Randazzo are letting us sneak peek the first 5 days of their social media bootcamp in our training. Those first five days will teach you SO much about how to use SM as a tool for building your business! Whether you have 100 followers or 100,000 you will be using it for your business!

SOOO my friends, invite your friends in and get them added into our fb group!! This group will continue to stay the ONE place where we host the mentorship! And if you are in this fb group already you will automatically be accepted into the mentorship group! So be sure to add your builders in here FIRST then to mentorship second!