It was just an ordinary annual physical so I went in between classes. I remember going down to the lab for some  blood work and thinking about all the homework I could be doing instead of standing in what seemed like the longest line ever! The the lab was extremely full and in the midst of it all, a child with special needs was having a major meltdown. At some point tables were kicked and peoples blood samples went everywhere. They had just put the bandaid on me so I got out of there as soon as I could.


A few days later I was asked to come in for more blood work. They told me that knew that the date and time my blood was taken there was a commotion and that  they believed there was a mix up with the stickers on the blood tubes so they wanted a few of us to just redo the labs. I am not going to lie, in that moment I was super annoyed, I hated needles and the fact that I had to make the time to go back, but I did.


The next day, I was I was sitting in my lecture hall waiting for class to start, when I answered a call from a number I didn’t recognize. “Hello, are you able to talk, how are you feeling he said?” Me being me, I answered in a detailed manner replying, “I’m ok, super tired from school and interning, but with the load I am taking that is to be expected, why?” Okay, well I am going to need you to come to the hospital, do you have someone that can pick you up?! Ummm, excuse me, the hospital, can you tell me more! “I need you to come in to run more tests and we can talk more.” Those words triggered me, that very moment I went back to the very phone call my mom got for my sister. It was the time she had to go to the hospital to be told she had Leukemia, then came fighting for her life and then death. YES! The trauma allowed my brain to go there! I walked out of class and burst into a state of panic and fear. I was so close to finishing my Bachelors, how could this be happening to me! How could I ever call my mom and tell her, me too!

I went in and they explained to me that I must have a Guardian Angel because they NEVER run this panel on young women because it is so rare, but that there was some sort of mix up and my blood was tested and they found it, hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is an iron disorder in which the body simply loads too much iron. My iron levels were dangerously high and had they not caught it when they did it would most likely have taken out my kidneys and attacked my heart. How good is GOD❤️Had this not been found when it was I may not be here today. The journey this took me on wasn’t a fun one, but since choosing life when I was pregnant with my son, my blood has been completely healed! Every 6 months since having Isaac I have had to go back to my blood specialist, and every time they are still shocked that my blood is still fine! No more phlebotomies thank the lord!! When asked to keep up the whatever remedies, I proudly shared “JESUS and OILS.”


Testimonies :)

One of my favorite things to do is share testimonies so I will try to make this  a running list of some of my favorite ones!


The oils that saved me during my super high risk pregnancy!

  • Peppermint — I had morning sickness ALL day!! I work with homeless and foster youth that sometimes do not have a place to shower or wash clothing so you could imagine the smells I am exposed to. This made it even worse! Well I found that one drop of peppermint on my nose was all it took to take that nausea feeling out!
  • Lavender and Frankincense- Put my Anxiety at ease. I knew my pregnancy would be high risk, but I was not about to consider termination. A few months in the stress of it all became overwhelming, anxiety had taken over and I could not function! I could not even sleep. That is when my dad brought oils to my house! These two were a GAME changer!!
  • Oils for Varicose Veins – If you put cypress, lavender, lemon and lemon grass in a roller it is like magic!! I have tested this on MANY people!
  • CBD: Seriously, I can not say enough about our CBD oil! Everyone has a testimony about it. I love that it has 0% THC so that means you will never test positive on a drug test.
  • Ningxia Red- THIS stuff is LIFE!! It has all the nutrients and antioxidants you need to in a day in ONE shot! When I take it I have more energy, make more breast milk so my baby girl can exclusively breast feed and my blood disorder like doesn’t exists. Also, one of my aunts had major stomach issues and when she got out of the hospital she tried it for a few days and had no symptoms.. then stopped taking it for a few days and the issues came back then drank it for a few days and again she was good! Now she is just a believer and drinks it all the time!


Starter Kit Cheat Sheet


Young Living Oil Class

By Jessica Member #11506728     jessicacodallos@gmail.com      (619) 227-3109

11506728.babystepseo.com or mdrnhouse.com/jessicacodallos


All oils are 100% natural and safe to use, but the ones with a * are vitalities which means they are FDA approved to eat/drink. When starting out it is best to use a carrier oil, like coconut oil to mix with when putting on your skin so you can get used to it first. (For babies I start with ⅛ ratio of essential oil to coconut oil just to be safe) When you buy a starter kit you get all the oils below, a $400 value for $165, plus wholesale prices for future orders!(Diffuser and a thieves household cleaner and hand sanitizer is also included!)


*Lemon: Mood booster, supports digestion, may boost immunity…Diffuse it, add to roller or put one drop in your water to drink

*Citrus Fresh: mix of citrus..Diffuse for a mood boost or to cover odors.. Includes tons of vitamin C so add a drop to your water or rub on the bottom of feet to boost immunity

Valor: I use like a perfume! It supports the nervous system, aids in balancing emotions and promotes feelings of strength and confidence.

*Digize: Stomach aches and cramping…rub on your stomach or put 2 drops under your tongue (or put a drop in a shot of water)  It helps!!

*Thieves: boosts immunity, kills germs internally and externally, better than bleach for cleaning and smells like Christmas…rub on bottom of feet, diffuse, put a drop under tongue to get rid of sore throat (Use one capsule of Thieves house cleaner in a spray bottle as an all purpose baby safe cleaner!!)

*Peppermint:digestion/stomach, nausea, energy, focus, headaches, keeps bees away…Diffuse it, put one drop in water bottle and drink, rub on temples for headaches, one drop on nose for nausea and focus.

Panaway: rub on skin where you are experiencing pain.. I don’t diffuse this one but I use it every time my back or feet hurt and it is amazing relief!

Raven: supports respiratory system… diffuse, or rub on chest to smell

*Frankincense:Oil that was gifted to baby Jesus! Supports skin complexion, mood booster, depression, and soooo much more!! Diffuse, make a face spray, rub on chest and feet. Google this oil, it will SHOCk you, it’s healing powers is amazing!!

*Lavender: calming/soothing, stress, sleep, soothes cuts, burns, bug bites, skin irritations and boosts eyelash growth…diffuse or rub on, I like to make a tea!

Stress Away: So amazing for stress relief!! I diffuse and rub on nose, wrist and heart.

Peace and Calming: The best remedy when you need peace and calmness in your life! All mom’s need this one!

Ningxia Red samples,Thieves Hand Sanitizer and Thieves House Cleaner come in the kit also!!!


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